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Discharge the announcement of the seminar of technology of relevant environmenta
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Each concern an unit: According to the State Council of the Party Central Committee " the decision that protects about fulfilling scientific progress to watch beaded finish border " , the country put forward " 915 " during the key task of environmental protection: Strengthening respect of air pollution prevention and cure, discharge gross in order to reduce 2 oxidation sulfur to attach most importance to a dot, advance air pollution prevention and cure, accelerate construction of establishment of to decoke of power plant of existing coal fired, build coal fired power plant to must install desulphurization device according to discharging a standard, push the trade such as steely, coloured, chemical industry, building materials 2 oxidation sulfur is administered integratedly, increase urban soot, dust, fine grained content and car tail gas to administer strength further, main contaminant discharges gross to want to reduce 10 % ; In respect of water pollution prevention and cure, want to attach most importance to a dot with drinking water safety and key catchment processing, strengthen drinking water and groundwater pollution prevention and cure. Mix according to current situation of our country environmental protection " 915 " during the key task of environmental protection, I am met jointly with Du Bangzhong country group limited company, plan to take off nitrogen in flue gas to decoke, flue gas is discharged in the control technology of mercuric, fine particle; Advanced biology handles a technology to apply mediumly in power plant and sewage disposal; MTBE begins delibrate to the respect such as the research of the pollution of groundwater and substitute, delibrate involves national policy, code, domestic and international relevant technology, industrialization, commercialize, the many sided content such as technical promotion and technical move. This second the seminar aims to build a technical communication, platform that negotiate and popularizes application, draw lessons from foreign advanced technique and experience, choose the technology with practical economy, those who raise desulphurization to take off azotic project technology and equipment is homebred change rate, drive our country to decoke to take off the development pace of azotic technology, to settle our country the contaminative problem such as oxide of 2 oxidation sulfur, nitrogen has positive stimulative effect, strengthen opposite content to handle technology and MTBE to replace technical communication and collaboration at the same time. Will discuss specific item to inform as follows now: One, conference organization Sponsor an unit: Chinese environment learns Du Bangzhong scientificly country group limited company2, conference time On July 25, 2006 - 26 days, nonlocal delegate can report at 24 days. 25 days morning 9:00 attend a meeting, the conference after eat ends 26 days midday. 3, meeting site Hotel of Beijing state guest (5 stars class) . Place: Beijing the city zone mounds on the west a Wai Street armour 9 (mound door China couplet to on the west 500 meters) , downstage phone: (010) 58585588. (around guesthouse of SamSung, 4 stars can lodge for the choice)
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