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2007 Shanghai to decoke takes off saltpetre and industry to remove dust technica
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Introductive: In recent years, the government issued the corresponding standard that controls 2 oxidation sulfur and azotic oxide to discharge, make discharged processing job to obtain result, but still have certain difference with developed country photograph. Accordingly, the promotion that desulphurization takes off saltpetre technology and application will become one of serious problems that new period society develops. Develop to promote desulphurization to take off saltpetre and the whole world that remove dust to trade further, to decoke of association of limited company of service of the exhibition in be being exhibited by Shanghai, environmental protection takes off science of environment of saltpetre committee, China to learn medium of environmental project branch, new bank group, combination is numerous and famous the company establishs jointly " 2007 Shanghai to decoke takes off saltpetre and industry to remove dust technical equipment (international) exhibition " general at. Exhibit meeting general with " delibrate communication, trade development " for the theme, in order to show gain of domestic and international newest science and technology, build more extensive new technology communication and cooperative commerce channel to be a target. This second extend meeting scope 40000 square metre, predict visiting number will achieve 200 thousand person-time. It is to decoke of power plant power station takes off saltpetre, remove dust the major of respect Gao Shuiping, internationalization is exhibited meeting. Aim to hold desulphurization to take off saltpetre, remove dust the technical application of the respect and tendercy of research and development, concentration reveals communication domestic and international the most advanced technology and product. Invite the authoritative personage such as business of domestic and international production, supplier, designing institute, academia to be participated in jointly, in order to satisfy the requirement of the market. Exhibit meeting general view Show time: On April 8, 2007 - place of 10 days of exhibitions: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center to sponsor an unit: To decoke of environmental protection association takes off science of environment of saltpetre committee China to learn group of medium of new bank of slope of new home of environmental project branch (SAW) undertake unit: Shanghai exhibits in of exhibition service limited company assist run an unit: China of company of group of investment of electric power of China of association of iron and steel industry of China of association of industry of coal of China of total bureau of national environmental protection China can group company China is big engineering of motivation of China of company of group of electric power of international of Shanxi of company of electrified wire netting of state of company of group of China cable of China of Tang Ji round company Powerful advertisement publicizes meticulous and careful audience to invite
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