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To decoke of the 2nd China International takes off saltpetre technology and equi
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To decoke of the 2nd China International takes off saltpetre technology and equipment exhibition and technical seminar
The 2nd China International DeSOx DeNOx Exhibition&Conference

Date: On September 6, 2006 - 8 days
Place: China International exhibits a center

The strategic delibrate of high standards
The special subject of high administrative levels communicates
Gao Shuiping's major is exhibited

Sponsor an unit:
Ministry of science and technology of People's Republic of China
Total bureau of national environmental protection
Support an unit: Association of Chinese coal industry
Association of Chinese iron and steel industry
Chinese metallurgy guild
Chinese electric power invests group company
Chinese China can group company
Round company of Chinese big Tang Ji
Company of group of Chinese state cable
Company of group of Chinese China cable
Company of national electrified wire netting
Company of group of Shanxi international electric power
Chinese motivation engineering is met


Invitation letter

At present industry of our country power has furnace of boiler of industry of power plant of ammunition of nearly 200 million kilowatt, kiln to need to undertake 2 oxidation sulfur is administered, the installed capacity of firepower power plant that has installed desulphurization device is not worth 1 % . As law of our country law of environmental protection, code and standard reach strictly with each passing day execute the law of strength increase, while safeguard electric power is supplied, the new requirement that how gets used to environmental protection already became the issue that power company and relevant management department pay close attention to jointly. Accordingly, we must strengthen the promotion that takes off saltpetre technology to desulphurization and application, those who accelerate technology of to decoke of flue gas of implementation ammunition power plant and installation is homebred change, in order to promote the development of industry of environmental protection of our country electric power.
To promote the research of the technology inside this domain development reachs promotion application, in November 2004, total bureau of environmental protection of country of combination of ministry of science and technology was held in Beijing " to decoke of 2004 China International takes off saltpetre technology and equipment exhibition and technical seminar " . Large company of the foreign enterprise that comes from ten countries such as the United States, England, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, Korea and numerous much home entered an exhibition jointly. Annulus of countrywide National People's Congress endowment appoint if delegate of ministries and commissions visited an exhibition related Baiji and head hair gave height the opinion. In addition, come from related the government orgnaization, unit of design of engineering of power plant of environmental superintendency branch, coal fired, smeltery, chemical plant, environmental protection, construction unit, equipment supplies an unit, and the expert scholar of each school research organization also visited an exhibition and can give to exhibiting consistent reputably.
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