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Shandong Qingdao city holds job of to decoke of coal fired boiler and technical
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14 days morning, job of to decoke of boiler of Qingdao city coal fired and technical seminar send town in relief hotel to hold in wide source. The conference communicated job of air pollution of Qingdao city prevention and cure to implement plan, introduced current situation of job of whole town to decoke and current situation, the desulphurization installation that saw Qingdao China feed beautiful food limited company installs the spot; The conference still cuts down 2 oxidation sulfur to next whole town, wash out coal fired boiler and strengthen coal quality to managed the job to undertake comprehensive deploy. It is to emphasize coal fired boiler must installing effective desulphurization establishment, to including capacity of plan, stand-alone eliminated before the bottom in June 2008 10 tons / hour (7MW) the coal fired boiler that rate of above, to decoke did not achieve 80 % above, full within a definite time be installed before the bottom or transformed effective desulphurization establishment 2007, 35 tons / boiler of hour above coal fired needs synchronism to install online supervisory equipment. Stand-alone capacity is examined and approve no longer inside limits of the city zone 20 tons / the coal fired boiler under the hour, build rate of to decoke of coal fired boiler to must be stabilized achieve 85 % above. 2 it is to emphasize increasing coal fired boiler to wash out strength. Accelerate fulfil a city to light program of gas, heat addition, the heat addition in eliminating urban market by the plan, light tracheal net to enclothe the boiler of all coal fired inside limits. 3 it is to emphasize controlling coal strictly to contain sulfur content. Every is purchased and light contain sulfur content to be in with coal 0.7% above, 1% the following, must add agent of mensurable efficient solid sulfur; Coal contains sulfur content to be in 1% above, 2% the following, must match coal unit to undertake matching coal by designation concentration, the level that reachs a regulation is rear can light with; Be in to containing sulfur content the coal of 2% above, give lawfully seal up for keeping. 4 it is to emphasize strengthening coal market control, execute coal to be sold definitely, standard transport system, ban lawfully to managing field place to execute without the coal of approval. Undertake sampling monitoring to unit of coal of type of production and coal fired unit regularly, to manage and burning unit of coal exceeding bid gives lawfully punishment, severity is investigated carry illegally medicinal powder coal and inferior model coal phenomenon, prohibit kitchen range of the tea furnace of all units inside limits of the city zone and individual operator, volume, warm oneself the burner of all sorts of utility lights burner and other with solid fuel.

Bencihui discusses hold, indicating job of prevention and cure of our city air pollution is formal to declare war of 2 oxidation sulfur. Bureau of Qingdao city environmental protection is censorial director of be assigned personal responsibility for of bureau of environmental protection of detachment, each substation, each city, environment is censorial great team leader attended the meeting.
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