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Take off saltpetre technology delibrate and the announcement that communication
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Each concern an unit:
In recent years, our country government takes environmental protection problem seriously increasingly, flue gas of a series of igneous power plant discharge a standard to come on stage and carry out. Join movement in succession as device of large quantities of to decoke of igneous power plant, of desulphurization device move with safeguard, and the focus that igneous power plant took off the problem such as the obligate of saltpetre device to become the attention inside course of study.
The research achievement that takes off saltpetre technology for to decoke of flue gas of power plant of ammunition of our country of summary, communication, and the installation of desulphurization device, debug, move with safeguard experience, reasonable the obligate that has saltpetre unit, master the development direction of world advanced technique, chinese motivation engineering is met on Feburary 6, 2007 ~ is in 9 days Hainan 3 inferior the organization is held " to decoke of igneous power plant takes off saltpetre technology delibrate and communication to meet " .
This second activity takes off saltpetre technology to give priority to a problem with desulphurization, arrangement project of seminar of special subject technology, typical project explains meeting, interactive type communicates. This second conference aims compose builds to decoke of power plant of our country ammunition to take off saltpetre technology the communication platform of the technology of relevant enterprise and experience, the health that promotes a trade thereby develops. Inform concerned item as follows now:

One, the conference is main content:
Seminar of special subject technology will invite scholar of domestic and international expert extensively, with respect to igneous power plant 2 oxidation sulfur and azotic oxide discharge the positive result of newest research and development that dominates a technology to undertake explaining reaching delibrate communication.
Specification of typical project project can carry the successful item that chooses preeminent company, lime / limestone law, seawater law, ammonia - the typical technology project such as fat law has an organization, by professional project technology staff, in the light of its respective point and difficulty undertake analytic demonstrative.
Interactive type communication basically is aimed at at present desulphurization takes off the pays close attention to generally problem inside saltpetre domain, use the spot to answer the interactive type of doubt communicates means, have a definite object in view, achieve the goal that dispels doubts for enterprise platoon care truly.

2, conference time place:
On Feburary 6, 2007 ~ 9 days, sessional 4 days, hainan 3 inferior.

3, the conference registers cost:
4800 yuan / person (include: Conference data, sessional accommodation and have dinner, attend a reception late banquet, obtain conference souvenir, visiting travelling expenses to wait) .
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