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Eleventh pollution of oxide of nitrogen of 2 oxidation sulfur administers countr
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Each concern an unit:
Expand of demand of growth, energy as our country economy ceaselessly continuously quickly, of citizen environment and healthy consciousness rise, "915 " during, the country is discharged to oxide of 2 oxidation sulfur, nitrogen raise more strict level. "915 " program compendium puts forward " 915 " during the tie sex index that economic society developed main index to include main contaminant SO2 to discharge gross to reduce 10 % , put forward clearly to accelerate to decoke of power plant of existing coal fired to take off azotic establishment construction, build coal fired power plant to must install desulphurization to take off azotic device according to discharging a standard, push the trade such as steely, coloured, chemical industry, building materials oxide of nitrogen of 2 oxidation sulfur is administered integratedly. Accordingly, flue gas to decoke takes off nitrogen is our country current development economy, solve an environment to pollute major task, choice benefit is used integratedly at developing circular economy, resource, use circularly, the technology that controls pollution effectively is the problem that solves urgently currently. Current, abroad has been entered at the same time desulphurization takes off nitrogen, take off the phase that pledges except heavy metal, toxicant, and our country starts later, must want to quicken the development pace that promotes azotic technology, the advanced technique that notices to draw lessons from abroad at the same time and successful applied project example. To take off advanced to decoke azotic technology achievement to be in in time countrywide market popularizes application, offer the opportunity of mutual communication, collaboration for both sides of supply and demand. According to total bureau of national environmental protection key science and technology communicated the scheduling with delibrate 2007, I can be held in Beijing at the beginning of June 2007 " eleventh pollution of oxide of 2 oxidation sulfur, nitrogen administers countrywide coal fired technology and ' 915 ' flue gas to decoke takes off azotic technology innovation and development communication to meet " . Current communication is met will wait for contaminative problem to have positive stimulative effect to solve oxide of 2 oxidation sulfur of our country, nitrogen.
Call for paper the conference now reach concerned matters concerned to inform as follows:
One, the main content that the paper collects
1, foreign flue gas purifies those who administer a technology to be in our country to set an example reach applied introduction;
2, foreign to decoke takes off what azotic system project is in our country to set an example the applied introduction that reachs alive bound each district;
3, the flue gas to decoke that owns own intellectual property takes off nitrogen the industry of the advanced technique sets an example to reach administrative introduction in the application of the power plant;
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