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Processing of technology of 2007 China to decoke and desulphurization gesso, fly
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Current, power plant of coal fired of our country compulsive requirement is discharged to 2 oxidation sulfur undertake desulphurization is administered, now already some desulphurization technologies include limestone - gesso law of to decoke of fluid-bed of wet, flue gas loop, seawater, to decoke removes dust unifinication, half dry method, rotate sparge is dry flue gas of rear of calcium of the gush inside law, furnace adds wet activation law of law, active anxious adsorption, electron beam, in engineering technology of a lot of to decoke, limestone - gesso is wet flue gas to decoke still is mainstream engineering technology. According to estimation, our country already built the capacity of unit of flue gas to decoke of put into production to achieve above of 53 million kilowatt, the desulphurization plaster stone that treats urgently amounts to 10 million tons of above, additionally power plant of our country coal fired produces fly ash every year 300 million tons of above, of desulphurization gesso and fly ash discharge accumulation to will take up land causes environmental pollution. In recent years, of technology of to decoke of coal fired power plant and desulphurization gesso, fly ash use integratedly more and more the attention that is concerned place of courtyard of branch, scientific research and company by the country, not only the problem that solved its to discharge the pollution that reachs an environment, and the recycle that is resource, one of efficient ways that in certain domain resource of our country of the complement on certain level shorts. Building materials industry is one of main fields that these solid litter use integratedly, circular economy is in of building materials industry carry out, not only can last what can solve oneself of building materials industry development problem, OK still disappear accept and litter of processing industry solid body, build loop society to have main effect and sense to compose. The newest technology that to let pursue the treatment of desulphurization technology and desulphurization gesso, fly ash, scientific research that use unit, production and applied enterprise reach the seasonable understanding such as management department to be concerned domestic and internationally and market grow tendency, the information between the colleague inside enterprise of farther communication science and technology, production, application and management department and course of study communicates, promote the communication between enterprise of domestic and international scientific research, production, application to cooperate, quicken the pace that desulphurization technology development and desulphurization gesso, fly ash uses integratedly, the supply and marketing that builds technology, product, equipment to wait negotiates platform, Litter of industry of institute of information of housing materials technology, building materials uses a technology to consider to develop the unit such as website of fly ash of center, China to decide on December 11, 2007 ~ is in Guangdong Zhuhai 13 days organization of swan big public house is held " 2007
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