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Limited company of glass reinforced plastics of Wei lane great undertaking
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Name: Limited company of glass reinforced plastics of Wei lane great undertaking

Advocate battalion: Product of series of FRP glass reinforced plastics, main product has: Tower of refrigeration of glass reinforced plastics of crosscurrent type, refluent type; Canister of lay aside of glass reinforced plastics (storage tank) , the device of canister of carriage canister, retort, equipment, storage tank, algal rubber, canister that take off calcium; Machinery twines conduit of glass reinforced plastics, pipe fitting, ventilating duct; Fan of glass reinforced plastics, cistern of glass reinforced plastics, equipment of papermaking of glass reinforced plastics, except broken bits implement, bleach fluid to wash beat, washing trough; Glass reinforced plastics breeds equipment, cover of heat preservation umbrella, breed equipment of groove, hatch chamfer, seawater breed aquatics; Eletroplate roller of car of cloth of boiler of cover of tile of groove, control valve, glass reinforced plastics, daylighting tile, glass reinforced plastics, reaction, printing and dyeing, sari, flowerpot, dustbin; Handicraft of glass reinforced plastics, recreational establishment, sulphurous acid tower, acerbity mist purifies the equipment of chemical environmental protection such as pool of tower, firedamp, project of anticorrosive heat preservation, cloth of the colophony of not saturated polyester of all sorts of model, fibre glass, glass reinforced plastics assists material, cooling tower fittings, filling. Adventitious of all sorts of glass reinforced plastics product carries on to make in the meantime.

Address: Shandong visits region of Xubei of Wei of the city that install grave

Phone: (0536) 4330081

Mobile phone: 13953660649

Fax: (0536) 4330081

Postcode: 262100

E-Mail: Dayefrp@163.com

Network address: Www.dayefrp.com

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