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Limited company of industry of Shanxi north gesso
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Brief introduction of limited company of industry of Shanxi north gesso Limited company of industry of Shanxi north square gesso is a α that has more than 10 years formerly - the major that block of gesso of half water gesso, stucco, gesso produces experience actually produces manufacturer; Measure to promote high yield quality, reduce production cost and specific power consumption, reduce dust pollution, optimize price of manufacturing facilities sex to compare; Company of Shanxi north square gesso is opposite according to the market the demand situation of the product and manufacturing α - the craft characteristic of half water gesso and gesso block, be aimed at the characteristic of desulphurization gesso especially, on the foundation of old manufacturing practice and research and development of science and technology, summed up the actor defect of domestic and international gesso and facilities of gesso block production and craft, alone research and development a series of α - the manufacturing technology of half water gesso and gesso block and equipment, become home can be a client exclusively from manufacturing α - half water gesso is offerred to manufacturing gesso block comprehensive, of the system, the manufacturing technology of adjust measures to local conditions and equipment, no matter which kind of craft and afore-mentioned equipment are not " act blindly " child, however of achievement of the manufacturing experience that company of Shanxi north gesso pursues industry of gesso deep treatment and technical research and development ten years and scientific research accumulate, multinomial core technology has independent intellectual property, win national patent, become useless to be the technology of treasure and respect of equipment research and development in desulphurization gesso deep treatment especially, have major breakthrough, among them any all OK and alone with α - the professional production manufacturer of half water gesso or gesso block and research organization are in price of each technology index, sex is compared wait for a respect to compare on any account. Item of significant progress of company of Shanxi north square gesso in April 1990: Research development goes low cost to produce excel in (ɑ ) of gesso have a technology only in August 1998: Product of block of gesso of fly ash excel in, become Shandong to save 350 thousand square metre energy-saving building demonstrative village is exclusive and selected inside wall material March 1999: Use gesso of to decoke of industrial waste residue and fly ash, successful development gives the block of gesso of fly ash to decoke that has sense of double environmental protection in June 1999: ɑ (excel in) gesso technology is approved to be national level science and technology to develop a project by ministry of national science and technology in October 1999: Recombine through asset bought Sino-US and joint-stock Shanxi 1999 of limited company of triumphant ground gesso year in December: Block of gesso of the SG-981 that finish produces equipment (the country invents patent name: 991217624) in December 1999: Block of fly ash gesso includes Shanxi the province " latent capacity product " project in December 2002: Obtain what Shanxi saves torch project and get visitting office of science and technology to support energetically 2006 January: Development goes to change desulphurization gesso useless be treasure, direct casting produces block of gesso of fly ash to decoke craft and product line (invent patent name: 991217624, invention patent files order: 200610012447.6) with pink of plaster of Paris enclosed technology of production working a way and equipment (invention patent files order: Two hundred billion six hundred and ten million and twelve thousand four hundred and forty-eight) in June 2006: Development goes rabbet to be in limestone, gesso is wet system of flue gas to decoke (namely WFGD) medium high strenth α - half water gesso is continuous manufacturing engineering technology and whole set of equipment " (invent patent application: 200610048271.X) address of of limited company of industry of Shanxi north gesso: Taiyuan city new and high warden treats 303 305A telephone call: 0351, 7023280 faxes: 0351, 7023615 contact: Zhang Jizhong mobile phone: (0) 13753195555
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