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Jiangsu protects limited company with annulus of 100 million prosperous
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Company name: Jiangsu protects limited company with annulus of 100 million prosperous Company brief introduction: The company held water 2003, it is a Chinese-foreign joint venture that devotes oneself to project of electric power environmental protection, the management center of the company and engineering design center are established in Nanjing. Company production base is established economic development is promoted in Jiangsu appropriate, cover an area of area 30000m2, among them floor area 8000m2, produce workshop 6000m2, the company has stuff 102 people, only project technology personnel is occupied 55% , administrator 28 people, the personnel that has advanced title among them has 18 people, of record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning occupy 80% , the major of system of to decoke of big, medium-sized FGD that has oneself designs a team, design of whole project of project of flue gas to decoke has been done on the much stage set such as 50MW, 135MW, professional technology force is abundant, have stand-alone capacity 200MW and project of to decoke of the following flue gas to always contract aptitude, the ammonia that has oneself - technology of patent of to decoke of flue gas of sulfur ammonium law, already passed attestation of system of national ISO-9001 quality. Appropriate is promoted and limited company of environmental protection of 100 million prosperous and limited company of engineering of Beijing beautiful and prosperous environmental protection, Jiangsu saves environmental science academy to be combined cheek by jowl. In textural, form echo of north and south, company natural resources is shared, the project carries on the operation pattern that the risk carries in all. To comply with the development trend of international the sources of energy, develop the environmental protection project that has environmental protection distinguishing feature energetically. Production limited company of company and equipment of German Shi Daole, Tai Shuo is versed in again (Ning Bo) limited company technology cooperates, the hair that is aimed at domestic power industry develops form, active to power plant liquid waste, solid processing of useless, noise and field of new energy resources are extended, do his utmost to provide service of all-around environmental protection project for power plant user, continue to promote the progress of our country environmental protection and new energy industry hard. Contact means: Firm address: Road of Guangzhou of Jiangsu Nanjing city B of 5 regnant international 16
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