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The company is held 2005 analysis of desulphurization tendency of the market and
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On Feburary 13, 2006 afternoon, the company was held 2005 analysis of desulphurization tendency of the market and the market is politic 2006 seminar. Zhang Ji of Liu Yi of company general manager, vise general manager and relevant branch chief attended the meeting. Join meeting staff above all the trend of desulphurization market made labor 2005, undertook with respect to the market strategy 2006 communication and discuss. Liu art general manager made summary speech on the meeting, he is in sufficient affirmative company while the market worked 2005, also raised taller requirement to relevant section: The first, begin from 2006, manager of market department project wants to be in charge of to the project of its be assigned personal responsibility for, and from ask duty make begin, practice rewards and punishment trenchant; The 2nd, face the change of market form, market department should put forward new development thinking; The 3rd, design ministry should be brave in to innovate in the job, want to undertake boldly designing optimizing; The 4th, whole set ministry should improve link of equipment invite public bidding, bold mining reduces the latent capacity of facility cost; The 5th, company departmental door should unite thought and understanding, support the work of market department with all one's strength. The conference asks development of company departmental door comprehends Bencihui to discuss spirit, carry out the each work requirement that fulfils the conference to put forward seriously, in the joint efforts of faculty, ensure the successful implementation of target of 6 years of markets.

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