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Far amount to a company to have the honor to win " consumer letter has gotten a
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On March 14, 2006, far amount to a company to receive city consumer rights and interests to protect committee (change disappear appoint [2006]12 date) file, the file says: Basis " committee of protection of rights and interests of Chongqing city consumer is recommended with management " consumer letter has gotten a business " and " customer satisfaction commodity " temporary measure " regulation, on the base that the enterprise applies for of one's own accord and seeks opinion of concerned function department extensively, can be opposite via me the respect such as system of situation of quality of the service that declares an enterprise nearly two years, commodity, production, management makes an on-the-spot investigation integratedly, newspaper classics commissioner will be authorized, the report in deciding to be opposite now casts Yuan Dahuan to protect the enterprise such as engineering limited company to award " consumer letter has gotten a business " title, period of efficacy two years, recommend to consumer. Far after amounting to a company to catch this good news about chief, express, in the management activity henceforth, the company will make persistent efforts, self-conscious according to " consumer rights and interests protects a law " the requirement standard that waits for legal laws and regulations manages action, provide more excellent service for consumer, build favorable consumptive environment hard, build harmonious society to make new contribution for compose.

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