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Far amount to technology of own to decoke to appear to be handed in high meeting
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Came 23 days on April 20, "Chongqing of the 7th China Fair of new and high technology and the army and the people of the 3rd China International are amphibious technical exposition " in Chongqing Na Ping international exhibition center is held. Far amount to company YD-BSP wet technology of flue gas to decoke is being handed in high first meeting " Chongqing city science and technical committee science and technology exhibit a stage " on appear. This technology is a company through introducing, absorb, after 3 water chestnut companies of digestive Japan and technology of to decoke of flue gas of Austrian AEE firm, adopt research and development of nearly 3 years and practice, innovate independently and become. Current, the company already used this technology on the project project of and other places of Sichuan, Henan, popularize southeast Asia, South Asia and middle east area. Since 1999, chongqing has held 6 to be handed in high continuously can meet with two army rich, dimensions compares big, class compares tall, content is abounded than, hand in high can have become country famous omnibus exhibit meeting. Far the desulphurization technology that amounts to own innovation can be being handed in high come on stage on the meeting appear, this itself is opposite namely far one when amount to own innovation ability is approbated.

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