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Association of industry of Chinese environmental protection undertakes survey to
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On June 9, group of easy ministry of technology of association of industry of Chinese environmental protection Director Bin in all the Henan that 4 people always include construction to my companyNew rural areaComfort is new couplet of pyroelectricity of 2 × 300MW produces spot of project of island of aircrew to decoke to undertake working survey. Association of industry of Chinese environmental protection suffers total bureau of national environmental protection corrupt accuse department to entrust, came to was opposite in July in June this year the construction of establishment of to decoke of countrywide ammunition power plant undertakes field survey with moving circumstance, strengthen establishment of pair of to decoke of igneous power plant thereby construction controls government with what move, market of to decoke of normative ammunition power plant. 9 days afternoon, far amount toNew rural areaProject department chief was reported in detail to board of inquiryNew rural areaThe project condition with current project, accompanied board of inquiry to undertake be examininged on the spot reaching explaining in construction site. In understandingNew rural areaAfter the executive condition with overall project of to decoke of comfort new power plant, board of inquiry is right far the achievement that amounts to a company to be obtained in the place on this project gave sufficient affirmation and height the opinion, expect far amount to continue to do well the construction of this project, for project of high-quality goods of to decoke of Henan people dedication.

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