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Fragrant chairman goes to heart of king of association of industry of Chinese en
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On May 26, liu Qifeng of vice director of department of money of compasses of total bureau of environmental protection of Wang Xinfang of chairman of association of industry of Chinese environmental protection, country is in Chongqing city all right of the concerned unit chief such as environmental protection bureau and association of industry of Chongqing city environmental protection accompany below, to far amount to a company to undertake working survey. Wang Xinfang is in a company all right of team member accompany next visitting far amount to company showroom, undertook survey to relevant job to design center and technical center. Listening to far after the working circumstance that amounts to a company is reported, wang Xinfang points out: Pass weak point development of a few years, far amounted to a company to obtain right result in domain of environmental protection of countrywide to decoke, made positive contribution for career of our country environmental protection. The future that takes off saltpetre industry to desulphurization develops, wang Xinfang emphasizes: In the near future, total bureau of national environmental protection will publish the relevant policy of industry of normative to decoke, with guiding an industry to last health develops; In the meantime, be in " 915 " during, the country will increase the strength that takes off saltpetre job to igneous power plant, the perspective of the market that take off saltpetre will be more wide. Right far the future that amount to develops train of thought, king chairman indicates approval, he is encouraged far amount to intervene desulphurization operation safeguards a domain actively, undertake specializationing the attempt of operation, hope far amount to a company to increase strength of technical research and development, the own innovation that makes good technology works, reduce project cost and cost further, seize market good opportunity adequately, consolidate further and enlarge the market to have rate, make larger contribution for environmental protection career of the country.

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