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Far amount to a company to be held ceremoniously hold water 6 years to celebrate
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On July 18, the faculty of company leader and firm of each the door, member assembles in, the company was held ceremoniously to hold water 6 years to celebrate an activity in first floor hall. Liu art general manager reviewed the development course that the company comes 6 years on congratulatory activity, made ebullient speech with respect to the development foreground of company future. He says: Today is a special day, we were greeted far amount to a company to establish 6 anniversary day. Turn one's head 6 years ago, we began the course that do poineering work together. Come 6 years, we experienced a variety of hardships, overcame a variety of difficulty, had taken not ordinary route. 6 years ago, we from 0 start, after 6 years, far the environmental protection enterprise that amounts to a company to already grew to have market competition ability most for China. Far amount to today's achievement, the result that is right leader of group company and 9 dragon company, result that is support of care of social all circles, it is far the result that amounts to company faculty joint efforts. Poineering process although hardships, but struggle jointly when us, overcome another difficulty, obtain another achievement when, our heart was full of joyance. Carry development of 6 years, far amount to had formed to devoted to enterprise, devoted to society, have the talent team of high responsibility heart, formed good company culture, everybody is mutual help, collective progress. We still can encounter future a lot of difficulty, but below the leader that I believe to be in group company, 9 dragon company, we can overcome difficulty certainly, overshoot difficulty, joint creation is far the future that amounts to company happiness! Finally, employee people make up the literary program that performs oneself and interactive game to promote whole congratulatory activity oneself to the climax.

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