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Far amount to a company " gush of coal fired power plant drenchs the technology
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On August 18, organization of Chongqing city Economic Commission is in about the expert far amounted to a company to hold " gush of coal fired power plant drenchs the technology studies key of to decoke of tower flue gas " project appraisal conference. Course city classics appoint examine of the group seriously with the expert, check and accept consistently through this project appraisal. This project is far the technology that amounts to a company to decide according to project technology demand develops a project, at beginning relevant technology in October 2004 development works, included Chongqing city classics 2005 appoint technical innovation planned project of key science and technology 2005. Below the arduous effort of project group, ahead of schedule 3 months finished job of this project research and development. After expert attending the meeting and delegate are being listened to and examining project appraisal report and data, think: Be aimed at our country coal fired and desulphurization agent character, the absorption that checks sulfur of method and system, 2 oxidation to limestone active model of experience of oxidation of process, sulphurous acid calcium, nozzle and gush drench the layer is decorated wait for desulphurization key with type selecting the theory that the technology had development and experimental research, optimized desulphurization system parameter. Contained sulfur content flue gas discharge of expensive to processing flue gas, high to offer a technology to support, the gush that developed a system drenchs technology of key of tower to decoke. Sulfur of the method of limestone active test of development and system, 2 oxidation absorbs parameter to optimize, gush drenchs of the system optimize the desulphurization key such as design and type selecting technical achievement applies successfully at the project actual, user report is favorable, economic benefits and social benefit are distinct. Overall technology level achieves the project home is banner. Far amount to a company to express, will extend the technical gain that uses development of this project place as soon as possible, satisfy environmental protection requirement, stimulative environment is friendly reach a society to be able to develop continuously. In the meantime, promote an our city the integral standard in this technology domain hard, the development of science and technology that is Chongqing city better and economic construction serve.

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