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Xinjiang pulls hind leg of power plant to decoke 0.015 yuan
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"Urumqi is annual the day number that chroma of 2 oxidation sulfur exceeds bid amounts to many days 90, and power plant of 3 coal fired goes to black city periphery now also unfulfilment to decoke moves, because financing of desulphurization project project raises,basically be difficult, and the online electrovalency of project of executive to decoke adds value policy to had been not fulfilled. " this is the reporter basically generated electricity in Urumqi city on June 11 the enterprise understands.
Introduce according to bureau of municipal environmental protection, my area defines a nation at the beginning of 2007 pool of power plant of pool of electric red wild goose, Hua Diangong wild goose generates electricity electric power of company of phone of Liang Fa of company, Hua Dianwei lake, Xinjiang the installed capacity such as the power plant is in Manasi the power company of above of 300 thousand kilowatt, answer to finish desulphurization establishment construction and 2 oxidation sulfur to reduce a job before December 31, 2008. But so far, only bridge of lake of reed of Xinjiang China report sends electric company to building desulphurization project, power plant of other coal fired still is done not have on desulphurization establishment.
As we have learned, at present discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur surpasses industry of my area power 200 thousand tons, occupy whole area the 38 % of total discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur, power industry is my area undoubtedly the brunt decreasing a platoon of 2 oxidation sulfur. But the progress of to decoke of company of coal fired power that what yields Xinjiang is slow? Taking an issue, the reporter follows travel notes of world of day hill environmental protection executes the law inspection team generates electricity early or late company and investigation of company of phone of Liang Fa of Hua Dianwei lake are interviewed.
"Energy-saving it is the practice that allows company save money, and decreasing a platoon is to make an enterprise big however the thing beautiful money. " pool of Hua Diangong wild goose generates electricity Ma Xin of secretary of company Party committee says with all sorts of feelings to the reporter. At present total investment of project of to decoke of 4 unit of company wants 300 million multivariate, for the company with indebted to this asset very high rate, this is a huge gap undoubtedly. Together with casts postpartum to run cost, it is more difficult to can make the company is managed. Concern a provision according to the country: After aircrew of existing coal fired installs desulphurization establishment, its get online electrovalency is carried out on active electrovalency foundation every kilowatt hour increases price 0. 015 yuan policy. Bank loan is evaluated think, pool of Hua Diangong wild goose generates electricity the company must have a government the specific commitment about desulphurization electrovalency or policy square executable loan.
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