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Shijiazhuang refine changes flue gas to decoke device builds and investment is u
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Reduce air pollution content effectively to discharge improvement circumjacent empty temperament is measured

  Report from our correspondentThe environmental protection project that our city key supervises and direct -- Shijiazhuang refine changes device of flue gas to decoke to be cast at building on June 30 with, the course is adjusted, device moves smooth, each index all eligible, among them of SO2 discharge chroma to drop considerably, not only accord with standard of national environmental protection, still reduced soot pollution, improved environmental quality, make business environment is administered while the job strides new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, reduced air pollution content effectively discharge, to the Olympic Games during and Shi Lian is circumjacent henceforth the improvement of air quality has positive effect.

This device invests about 35 million yuan, it is the environmental protection project that governmental focal point supervises and direct, shijiazhuang municipal government fell to this project in December 2007 amounted to deadline to administer a plan.

Shijiazhuang refine changes what device of flue gas to decoke uses is limestone - gesso is wet desulphurization craft, this technology is the technology of our country own research and development, FGD pneumatic to decoke that have independent intellectual property and already won national patent. Efficiency of its to decoke not under 95% , efficiency is tall, have a system to run stability reliable, mechanical failure the small, time that reacts with SO2 grows dirty of little, knot and the possibility that jam, the internal circulating load that needs to absorb fluid is small wait for a characteristic, agent of its to decoke - limestone source is adequate, cost is low, desulphurization child grade can amount to gesso of 2 class commodity, can use completely for commerce, won't produce pollution 2 times.

This project at break earth of the end of the year, headquarters of the petrifaction in in building a course, getting province, city is mixed leads support energetically and pay close attention to. Plant construction spread out in the round this year in March, enter crucial period, use to make sure this installs park to was cast on June 30, shijiazhuang refine changes the heavy job in weighing it as the enterprise special the thing does especially, since April manager team holds construction special subject to meet every day, the project is decorated one day, one day is fulfilled, a day of one check accelerated project feed rate. About site of development of place room staff, coordinate actively, plan as a whole meticulously, meticulous arrangement; The workshop takes construction, study, try luck the means of 3 jobs advance side by side- do two or more things at once, organize concerned technology personnel, operation personnel to go to nonlocal study technically, will outside earth up with inside cultivate close together tie; Branch of safe environmental protection values the secure job of this project all the more, make carried out flue gas to decoke is special safe managing measure. Production, Technical Division intervened ahead of schedule on June 17, they with in hand in for node, fulfil actively, assign each respect job. Device undertook on June 27 in hand in, 3 check the 4 safety before decide and producing unit go into operation to affirm. Through traffic of 28 days of systems, 29 days 18: Introduce flue gas 26 minutes, came true to drive successful, achieve cycle of construction of this project home the shortest record.
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