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Shanghai decreases a platoon to obtain actual effect, a series of relevant polic
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The Shanghai of center of news of 2008 Beijing international that held yesterday divides central press conference to go up, the reporter learns, this city pollution decreased a job to obtain actual effect, COD and SO2 discharged gross to be cut down respectively on the foundation 2005 last year 3.16 % and 2.96 % , and " COD exceeds a quantity to decrease a platoon " wait for a series of pollution to decrease the supportive policy related the platoon to also be about to come on stage. Current, shanghai sewage handles ability to already exceeded centrally everyday 5 million tons, 90 % above withholds industrial district sewage to get centralized handling, accumulative total already had investment of establishment of to decoke of aircrew of power plant of above of 5 million kilowatt to move, key of city class environmental protection superintends industrial business pollution to discharge stability of the rate that amount to mark to be controlled in 90 % . Via national check and ratify, COD and SO2 discharged gross to be cut down respectively on the foundation 2005 2007 3.16 % and 2.96 % . It is reported, since 2000, investment of environmental protection of Shanghai whole town holds the corresponding period the proportion of this city total output value achieves 3 % above 8 years continuously, environmental protection always throws more than 180 billion yuan. According to national make known to lower levels " 915 " contaminant gross controls a demand, to 2010, shanghai SO2 discharge capacity cuts down 26 % on the foundation 2005, control is in annual 380 thousand tons of less than, and COD discharge capacity cuts down 15 % on the foundation 2005, control is in annual 259 thousand tons of less than. On the crucial step that decrease a platoon, shanghai reduces the stress platoon, structure to decrease platoon, management to decrease the three respects such as the platoon to undertake a breakthrough in the project. Decide according to eye in front of " 915 " plan of the project that decrease a platoon, need altogether to help sb to fulfill his wishes add up to of power plant of city coal fired to decoke of flue gas of aircrew of coal fired of 9.822 million kilowatt or " go up to be pressed greatly small " structural adjustment, build, rebuild a batch of sewage treatment plant, make ability of biochemical sewage disposal exceeds 2 level everyday 5 million tons, conserve truly town foul water biochemical treatment rate reachs 2 level 85 % above. These projects will be finished 2009 for the most part and produce beneficial result. Current, shanghai established town the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon heads a group, built SO2 and COD to decrease a platoon two monitoring coordinate a group, system of the member that established contact, data appears in the newspaper to system, regular spot is checked and be evaluated wait for a system, built the branch such as reform of Wu of environmental protection, water, development to check a mechanism jointly. In the meantime, shanghai still is made and fulfilled establishment of to decoke of coal fired power plant the policy such as allowance of moving cost of construction and electrovalency allowance and sewage treatment plant of groove guard of fountainhead of upper reaches of yellow riverside river and allowance of construction of net of suburb sewage plant, guide and encourage an enterprise to accelerate advance pollution to reduce a pace.
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