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Xiangtan generates electricity desulphurization gesso 100% use integratedly
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Make with all one's strength " green industry " for tribute of Beijing Olympic Games

-- Hunan Xiangtan generates electricity gesso of company to decoke comes true 100% use integratedly

Li Ying reports this network reporter

On July 26, hunan Xiangtan generates electricity company and father-in-law gesso Inc. make jointly " green industry " -- father-in-law gesso (Xiangtan) limited company is formal put into production, gesso of this company to decoke will come true of 100% use integratedly. Be in China oneiromancy of hundred years Olympic Games during, in Hunan " two model " the society is integrated when form a complete set reforms test division, this company is earnest display on one for Beijing Olympic Games " green " great gift.

Father-in-law gesso (Xiangtan) limited company is Datangji round company natural resources uses promotion demonstrative project integratedly, also be at present the biggest paper face plaster stone inside Hunan Province produces a business. Cover an area of 80 mus, the factory throws the paper face plasterboard that single track produces per year 30 million square metre formally after production not only can reduce desulphurization waste residue to farmland take up, reduce 2 pollution that desulphurization waste residue causes, also be this company carries out a country actively about strengthening energy-saving those who decrease platoon, stimulative resource to use policy integratedly is specific reflect.

Of desulphurization gesso " give up evil and return to good " road

Xiangtan generates electricity the company is the fire with the biggest Hunan Province generates electricity enterprise, show installed capacity 1.8 million kilowatt. 2004, this company 2 period project of construction of unit of two 600 thousand kilowatt wins approval formal project approving, project of to decoke of its flue gas and synchronism of main body project undertake, at the same time ability of to decoke of aircrew of two 300 thousand kilowatt changes first phase project project also at start working of of the same age. 2006, project of flue gas to decoke builds go into operation entirely.
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