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Establishment of to decoke of factory of 35 home appliance accepts Shanxi the so
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The stability of establishment of to decoke of aircrew of power plant coal fired moves, decrease a platoon to producing main effect to what Shanxi saves gross of 2 oxidation sulfur. Yesterday, bureau of province environmental protection published 100 thousand kilowatt and list of establishment of to decoke of aircrew of above coal fired, involve 94 unit of factory of 35 home appliance in all, at the same time bureau of province environmental protection announced supervisory telephone call: (0351) 6371065, 6371076 turn 803, let social all circles control these power plants.

Power plant of existing coal fired all builds desulphurization establishment

Current, 54% what the 2 oxidation sulfur that power plant of Shanxi province coal fired discharges occupies complete province industry to pollute a source to discharge gross, coal fired power plant whether establishment of the to decoke that finish builds the task, deciding 2 oxidation sulfur to decrease those who discharge 14% targets to finish. The stability of establishment of to decoke of aircrew of electric power coal fired that already built to ensure Shanxi is saved moves, implementation contaminant is discharged amount to mark, amount to a quantity. Shanxi province closes to 72 unit make known to lower levels early or late stay a decision, still adopt restriction at the same time not desulphurization aircrew gets online generate electricity, refer rate of blowdown of 2 oxidation sulfur, implement a series of significant step such as desulphurization electrovalency policy, accelerate establishment of to decoke of flue gas of coal fired power plant to build pace.

Up to by July 2008, shanxi province has unit of coal fired to decoke all form a complete set built establishment of flue gas to decoke. Shanxi province has power plant of coal fired of 30.56 million kilowatt to be built entirely have establishment of flue gas to decoke, country and province government sign " 915 " gross of 2 oxidation sulfur reduces 41 installed capacity in discharging responsibility book project of to decoke of flue gas of aircrew of coal fired of key of 10.58 million kilowatt is finished ahead of schedule.

Recently bulletin of circumstance of job of complete province environmental protection is met on, liu Xiangdong of director of bureau of province environmental protection ever said self-confidently: "As the building of establishment of these aircrew to decoke, shanxi province finished desulphurization establishment to build the task ahead of schedule, such Shanxi provinces become the whole nation to take the lead in realizing the province of to decoke of flue gas of power industry entire industry. "

The key after proposing establishment of good to decoke is being supervised manage

The power plant has proposed desulphurization establishment entirely, but the moving cost as a result of desulphurization establishment is exorbitant, a few power plants are economic expenditure, establishment of out of service, have some of power plant especially, when the examination staff of government and environmental protection bureau will check, desulphurization establishment runs period of time, but wait for examination staff to go, stopped establishment, make the establishment of environmental protection to decoke of installation exists in name only.
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