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Shanxi saves hopeful to become province of complete to decoke of industry of fir
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On July 30, complete province " water of blue sky green jade "ProjectThe job can be held in Xin Zhou, henceforth, my province will be strengthened treat corrupt the strength that decrease a platoon, make the task that decrease a platoon is finished smoothly, environment of severe office violates act.

Since this year, much channel of complete province each district implements the measure that decrease a platoon, accelerated key industry to pollute construction of establishment of prevention and cure. Up toCurrent, I am saved and the country signs " " 915 " gross of 2 oxidation sulfur decreases a responsibility book " in to decoke of involved flue gas of generation set of 41 coal fired works to already finished 39, jobs of the rest of to decoke of two aircrew flue gas are about to finish. At the appointed time, I save power plant of existing coal fired to establishment of to decoke of the will all flue gas that finish is built or close stay the mission, hopeful makes the province of to decoke of flue gas of entire industry of industry of first implementation power of countrywide.

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