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State Electric Power Research Institute to bring services into the metallurgi
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September 6, State Power Science and Technology Research Institute (Environmental Research Institute) and the Nanjing Central heat net Fujian Metallurgical Engineering Co., Ltd. Dresdner Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. to 3 × 126m2 sintering machine desulfurization project signed a technology services contract. The technical services include preliminary design, the joint construction design, construction and installation construction, equipment procurement and system debugging with the guidance of the work, this is the first time, EPRI desulfurization technology in the metallurgical industry to carry out a comprehensive services Services. According to relevant statistics, the flue gas desulfurization metallurgical industry has just started, the domestic sintering machine a total of about 1,000, has only 10% of the desulfurization equipment, sintering machine desulfurization business prospects. The project EPRI Metallurgical industry desulfurization business development is important.
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