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Datang Power Generation Company Heshan Rehabilitation desulfurization technolog
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Recently, a large Tang Guiguan Heshan Power Company No. 1 Rehabilitation Project desulfurization test was run successfully, marking the company's desulfurization system uses the "dual absorber series," Running of the domestic industry to create a precedent, energy conservation work For a new level. 23:02 the same day, commissioning group an order to close the bypass damper flue gas desulfurization No. 1, adjust the unit load to 321 MW, the entrance of the original flue gas desulphurization system at this time of sulfur dioxide content of 11870mg/Nm3, net gas exports Content of sulfur dioxide emissions 258mg/Nm3, desulfurization efficiency of 97.8%, and other normal operating parameters. According to the data shows that, after the desulfurization of Rehabilitation after this stage of sulfur dioxide emissions far below the state Standard emissions 1200mg/Nm3. "Double absorber series," Running of desulfurization effect is obvious, reaching the low quality coal combustion conditions in low-emissions targets. This reconstruction project is the largest this year for a technological transformation project, the static total investment of 81.79 million yuan, is expected to put into use after the normal completion of the project to reduce annual emissions of 78,370 tons of sulfur dioxide. The face of huge environmental impact assessment Great pressure on the company from the high politics, a bold attempt to be creative, without reference to the case of any information feel our way across. No. 1 because the company boiler burning coal is used in bituminous coal and Guizhou Tobacco Heshan Coal, coal, is a high sulfur coal, the feasibility study report for the technological transformation obtained, the company from the economic, desulfurization matching, technology assessment and site environmental considerations, organizational design units, equipment manufacturers, specifically desulfurization Seminars and industry personnel has been repeatedly demonstrated to finalize the transformation of most science technology program, successfully passed the examination approved by various departments at higher levels. The transformation has been great concern in all levels of government leaders at all levels technical transformation scene in person several times to help solve the practical difficulties in the technological transformation, so that the project rapidly forward, has made safety, quality, duration, cost aspects Fruitful results. Construction process, the staff overcome by small, poor environment and high standards, tight time schedule of the serious constraints, scientific layout, overall arrangement, installation of grab fight, or even give up the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holiday, gradually laying Meters long control cables and power cables, hoisting capacity increase with the transformer, connection gas, water, oil pipeline and related auxiliary equipment, automation components, the control panel (cabinet) is also in place, smooth entry into the trial operation. Desulfurization desulfurization equipment to run tests to test the effects of installation quality and an important means of desulfurization. To ensure the success of the operation test, test before the test preparation of staff and monitoring around the inspection procedures, quality of construction The amount of a detailed examination of the expert group proposed the implementation of the rectification of the items one by one, scheduled for rectification, and to develop a practical operation test desulfurization Rehabilitation programs and emergency measures. During the trial, the company's leadership carefully Layout, science direct, coordinate operations of various departments, Zhejiang net effort with the new company, according to "Electric Power Construction and Acceptance of" the relevant provisions, strictly in accordance with operational procedures operate correctly oxidation fan blade fluid circulation Pump, boost fan, carefully adjust the fan baffle, flue baffle, so that test results meet the expected goal. It is reported that the company is currently thermal power plant in the Desulfurization of all "dual absorber series," Running of the only one. After the successful trial run to begin the handover of the equipment to full phase, the Founded benchmark emission reduction units towards a solid pace.
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