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The sound development of desulfurization industry needs policy "escort"
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Completed with 20 years of European coal-fired power plant desulfurization emissions, China has less than 10 years to 76% of the thermal power installed flue gas desulphurization equipment, and the scale of the industry far more than the sum of the European countries . At present, flue gas desulfurization project on building capacity over 100 million kilowatts, not only that, the industry has been almost entirely dominated by domestic companies, international companies in the Chinese market or markets in other developing countries, and China has been unable to compete This is the rate of development of China desulphurization industry and the status quo. China desulphurization industry clearly has a strong strategic emerging industries colors. What are the prospects of this industry? What problems? China desulphurization industry leader Longyuan Beijing State Power Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. General Manager Meng Zhao Jie Sinorama interview detailing his concerns and expectations. 3 years to achieve domestic "In early 2000, we also rely on imported desulfurization technology. The industry is out in Japan first test, we limited participation; is that we start with the Germans, Long Yuan was the first to explore environmental and quickly realize the localization." Speaking of Long Yuan Meng Zhao Jie, the growth of environmental history appeared to be very proud. "As China's coal power plants is poor, coal changes, needs adaptable desulfurization equipment, the introduction of foreign equipment and technology not only expensive, but also some lack of acclimatization, we can only after the digestion and absorption of foreign technology, be innovative improvement, not only to China's national conditions, and the price down quickly. In 2003, we realized the localization of core technologies and most of the equipment in China. "Zhao Jie Meng told the reporter that when he was just Longyuan Environmental The Engineering Manager. "Longyuan green is not only a leading company in this industry, but also cultivate a number of desulfurization equipment manufacturing enterprises, promote the extension of industrial chain of desulfurization, desulfurization industry not only led the development of desulfurization equipment at home but also has made tremendous sacrifices and contributions. Longyuan with independent intellectual property rights of wet flue gas desulfurization technology is now a lot of technical details than the advanced international level, in addition to 33 patents obtained, we have a number of non-patented technical know-how. "Zhao Jie Meng technical background on This eloquent, "we are now exploring and promoting environment-friendly, circular economy, resource recycling type products with high added value desulfurization, denitrification, mercury removal technology." "Smoke" of the war Market formation, the basic realization of domestic competition in the market began to "smoke filled the air, princes melee." Construction of desulfurization is widely used in EPC model, commonly known as "turnkey." Desulfurization facilities in place after the withdrawal, not involved in the post-operation, causing power plants try to keep the prices down objective, desulfurization vicious competition and squeezed profit in the low-cost situation. "Because of low barriers to entry, all of a sudden desulfurization everywhere, the market began to vicious competition." Zhao Jie Meng told correspondents. Internationally, the desulfurization project quoted at 100 U.S. dollars / kw or more, while in China, desulfurization project EPC is no minimum purchase, only the lower prices all the way down to 65 yuan / kW. "Careful, we will lose mark. Get then is a hot potato, lose money trading have to do it, no way!" Zhao Jie Meng told correspondents. However, the big wave finally be Panning. Low-cost projects have been a series of quality problems occur, such as quality, but some flue gas desulfurization device off, low rate of desulfurization facilities into operation. Along with the increasingly stringent environmental regulation, desulfurization strength, integrity, reputation is increasingly important. This reporter learned that, objectively speaking, to achieve localization, the in ensuring the reliability, adaptability and put into operation rate and the case of coal, the domestic price level of desulfurization project EPC should be 120 to 200 yuan more to be able to support the desulfurization specification to implementation of projects and really down to earth in pursuit of technological progress. Desulfurization Franchise Fortunately, it disorderly competition in the desulfurization project, "Warring States Period", the state began to regulate the trade order. July 2007, the National Development and Reform Commission and State Environmental Protection Administration issued the "franchise on the flue gas desulfurization carried out experimental work notice" and "thermal power plant flue gas desulphurization pilot franchise program," thermal power plant flue gas desulphurization based on pilot work began franchising of several major companies on desulfurization. January 2008, the first thermal power plant flue gas desulphurization of 11 pilot projects in Beijing, the franchise contract, franchise desulfurization of thermal power officially entered the implementation stage, the pilot period of 3 years, this year is the ending of the year. Franchising flue gas desulfurization is the national organization and the relevant departments under the guidance of the national introduction of desulphurization and related preferential policies based on price, will power plant desulphurization facilities construction, operation, maintenance and daily management by the professional desulfurization commitment to achieve the task of reducing sulfur dioxide. "Franchising is a desulfurization pollution control mechanism and an innovative profit model, help to promote plant concentrate on core business." Zhao Jie Meng told the reporter, "but operating profit licensing is difficult, as we have groups that support desulfurization and denitrification companies 'second five' during the franchise is already lucky to not lose money. this situation continues, many environmental companies desulfurization if a single catch, will be difficult to maintain! "Zhao Jie Meng, said to correspondents on the industry's concerns. Currently, the price increase desulfurization section 1.5 points per kilowatt-hour (a part tariff result in various ways to meet this standard) and sulfur by-product sales, such as ammonium sulfate, gypsum, etc. constitute a franchise business desulfurization the main source of income. But the franchise after desulfurization, desulfurization price gains do not all go to desulfurization professional firms. Currently, the desulfurization price paid by the power generation companies, power generation companies then paid to the desulfurization business, not only the existence of intermediate links, and desulfurization increased difficulty of access to regular income, there is duplication of tax problems. "And that we have 1.5 points price subsidies to pay tax. Like to receive subsidies for needy families also pay taxes to the state. Since it is the policy of subsidies, but also to repeat the tax, it is hard to understand." Zhao Jie Meng told correspondents "In addition, desulfurization franchise facing a very embarrassing problem that is closely related to profit and power generation businesses. 'market for coal, electricity plan' this system does not change, as long as power is not profitable franchise desulfurization almost impossible to be profitable." Meng Zhao Jie also analyzed that, and now desulfurization market rapidly shrinking, denitrification market is taking shape, but the denitrification process are unique, technical verification will take some time, disorderly and unfair competition will become fiercer, and the country denitrification price subsidies also not yet introduced, the power generation business in operation less, so this disorder seek low-cost areas vicious competition is inevitable. "For our industry, a very strong sense of crisis, the state should be in the 'second five' during the targeted price increase desulfurization, denitrification introduction of tariff policy to promote denitrification franchise, from the national strategic level, the introduction of desulfurization the comprehensive utilization of by-products and other incentives. "Zhao Jie Meng suggested.
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