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Domestic banner to decoke is online the system that monitor
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On September 15, the project of science and technology that Ministry of Education organizes an expert to move a center to be developed jointly to Tsinghua university and company of Inner Mongolia power " to decoke of flue gas of generation set of coal fired of Inner Mongolia electrified wire netting real time is online the system that monitor " undertook checking and accept appraisal and give through. Appraisal result states so: Project design thought is advanced, moving effect achieves design requirement, study achievement reachs domestic banner level.
In fact, establishment of our country active to decoke is put in flue bypass for the most part, and the online establishment that monitor uses the to decoke that applies at present more generate electricity the flue gas of system of enterprise to decoke analyses data, measure a place little and the likelihood that existence revises artificially. Below such background, one can make the moving state of desulphurization establishment presents Yu Yangguang under, of the online monitoring system of efficiency of the accurate and effective to decoke that monitor come out appear unusually necessary.
This monitoring system that owns own intellectual property basically is monitored by long-range intelligence reach communication unit, data communication link and attemper 3 parts form system of management of central data information, it is to be similar to " black box " to decoke of coal fired aircrew monitors terminal. This system can collect first-hand data independently, implementation is imported to FGD and export just a little of discharge of chroma of 2 oxidation sulfur, original flue gas, boiler the data that pump of loop of power of fan of second wind total wind force, pressure boost, aircrew and each size runs door of state, bypass damper to wait is collected and pretreatment.
And the real time that the long-range intelligence unit that monitor has desulphurization system moves parameter is collected. The real time that systematic place chooses monitors parameter to be able to reflect the moving condition of system of flue gas to decoke correctly, upload in time to attemper to electric power communication center. Attemper communication center advocate the data information management of station system can finish data analysis, show, forms for reporting statistics and store wait for a function, still support WEB to release a function at the same time, implementation runs a circumstance to undertake manage effectively and be supervisoried to the desulphurization system of each power plant.
Before appraisal, should monitor a system to had used a success in Inner Mongolia electrified wire netting, came true to be opposite in power plant of hill of corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs the real time of establishment of to decoke of aircrew of 2 300 thousand kilowatt is online monitor. After the system that monitor joins movement, moving stability, performance is good, did not appear any breakdown. Indicate the technology is mature and reliable. The system is aimed at the effective demand design of our country provincial electrified wire netting, the mature sex of systematic technology and dependability got industry uses test. Accordingly, this system also applicably at each area electrified wire netting.
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