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Exceed to decoke of gravitational flue gas to remove dust technology
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When filling bed is developed the earliest, rotating is the equipment with simple according to legend of aggrandizement gas fluid, desulphurization removes dust is three-phase of gas firm fluid between pass qualitative, be aimed at this - change, the whirl that the design developed task group to suit flue gas to decoke to remove dust filling bed and to it of form a complete set efficient filling, remove dust liquid gas is compared for 0.21L/m^3, in assure tall remove dust below the circumstance of efficiency, than any wet the fluid morale that remove dust is lower than wanting, reduced the dosage of water, the cost that reduced aftertreatment process thereby or motivation are used up, rotate because filling bed has special dust removal machine to make only, have to hydrophily and the dust that are not hydrophily purify ability identically. The bed layer of this test equipment always presses the 1/6 that falls to be the dust catcher in Wen Qiu merely, accordingly, its specific power consumption is the L/6 of the dust catcher in Wen Qiu only, and equipment covers an area of a face accumulate small, specific power consumption is low, adaptability is strong, remove dust than traditional to decoke equipment, especially tower implement installation cost decreases, capital construction charge is reduced.

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