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The desulphurization craft of initiate of a whole nation
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On October 18, the desulphurization craft of initiate of a whole nation is born in 3 steel sintering plant. After investment of project of flue gas to decoke runs machine of this agglomeration of 180m2 of 3 steel sintering plant that invests 25 million yuan, via this system to decoke, flue gas after removing dust, SO2 discharges chroma controallable it is under 400mg/m3, desulphurization efficiency achieves 90% above, dust discharges chroma controallable it is under 50mg/m3, predict many tons 4000 to be able to reduce SO2 discharge capacity every year, the mark is worn 3 steel discharged a target to step solid pace to realize SO2 to decrease.

Many SO2 is contained in the flue gas that the agglomeration working procedure of steely smelt discharges, occupy steely enterprise SO2 to discharge gross about 40% - 60% , it is the main pollution source of steely enterprise SO2. To realize 3 steel the energy-saving target decreasing a platoon to compliance of province, city, while 3 steel are building 180m2 agglomeration machine, decide synchronism builds the project of flue gas to decoke of this machine.

Technology of to decoke of flue gas of machine of steely industry agglomeration still lies in home in exploration, experience of Xian Youcheng work can be offerred draw lessons from. It is difficult that decision-making layer of company of 3 steels group is greeted and go up, constituent technology personnel has the proposition that initiates sexual meaning to launch research and demonstration to this. President Ou Yangyuan and innovation ground put forward, collect takes middle of path of opium of 180m2 agglomeration machine, the distinctive technology train of thought that flue gas of superhigh of bellows SO2 chroma undertakes desulphurization is handled.

The flue gas in bellows of different to path of agglomeration machine opium position made the project technology staff of the sintering plant for many times sampling analysis, reach eventually: Path of opium of 180m2 agglomeration machine is mixed first times rear the SO2 of the flue gas in 6 bellows is average chroma is not worth 350mg/m3, need not discharge via handle and amounting to mark directly; And middle 15 times the SO2 chroma of 9 bellows is place of from beginning to end, the in part that smoke tolerance also measures for total flue gas only is much, accordingly, only collect takes this part flue gas to undertake desulphurization is handled, can because flue gas is medium SO2 concentration is high and improve its and the chemical reaction efficiency that absorb agent lime greatly, produce better desulphurization result, also can reduce flue gas to handle gross, the efficient flue gas that is a kind of managing moving cost handles program.

The double flue with the 180m2 agglomeration unique opportunity that 3 steel offer is alternative desulphurization craft, it is at present the environmental protection of domestic initiate sex optimizes plan. On craft, to decoke of agglomeration flue gas uses circular fluid-bed to work a way purifying device, desulphurization efficiency can amount to 90% above, treating capacity of horary flue gas 300 thousand M3. Rate of this plant automation is high, equipment is simple and reliable, fault rate is low, can move with synchronism of main body equipment. This year in March, this project stars building formally build.
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