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Mud of acerbity brine of aluminium of production sulfur of ash of dry method to
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Report from our correspondent uses ash of dry method to decoke to produce sulfur aluminium the technology of acerbity brine mud was in Heibei a few days ago power plant of head of Han Dan horse obtains major breakthrough. This technique can work circular fluid-bed ash of law to decoke makes the special type cement with economic higher value -- mud of sulfur aluminium acerbity brine.
Mud of aluminous acerbity brine is had fight aspic, impervious, anti-corrosive, low alkalescent with manufacturing specific power consumption low good point. Apply to the production of concrete products, can shorten conserve time. Especially it corrodes action to fibre glass small, it is to make up the base material with fibre glass and cement best composite material, accordingly, by home more and more cement member plants are chosen.
Aircrew of 6#200MW of power plant of head of horse of Heibei Han Dan uses circular fluid-bed to do system of law to decoke to be checked and accept at carrying national environmental protection in October 2006, produce per year ash of dry method to decoke to make an appointment with 40 thousand tons. At present plant of a few cement is mixing Han Dan periphery actively matters concerned of mud of acerbity brine of aluminium of sulfur of production of collaboration of connection of equestrian head power plant.
Wen Wen
Heat of especially clever air conditioning reclaims cold water aircrew offers cold water to reclaim useless heat
Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Li) congress of refrigeration of the 22nd international was held in Beijing recently. Especially clever air conditioning regards the whole world as manufacturer of indoor and comfortable system and supplier of integrated establishment solution, took an active part in the grand meeting inside this industry.
Especially clever air conditioning devotes oneself to all the time environmental protection and energy-saving, the 3 class of its original creation compress centrifugal to maintain all the time the most high-energy effect compares a record inside course of study. Especially clever use system of little flow of big difference in temperature, pump to become discharge system, hot to reclaim the system, glacial labor cold system, free refrigeration advanced technique that is a delegate, apply at numerous project project, save the moving charge of air conditioning system and earlier investment, the heat of aircrew of its large cold water reclaims technical characteristic and all of water system of 3 kinds of air conditioning optimize design program, announced the advanced sex on technology of air conditioning product. Heat reclaims cold water aircrew provides cold water not only, and reclaim the platoon abandons heat to atmospheric, provide air conditioning hot water, already environmental protection energy-saving, still can reduce the moving noise of cooling tower. This technology can apply extensively at guesthouse, hospital, school to wait.
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