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Pollution of 2 oxidation sulfur controls coal fired technical manual
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" pollution of 2 oxidation sulfur controls coal fired technical manual " Author: Book of Hao Jiming king is like Liu Yongqi science of environment of chemical industry press and project publish a centerEyeCollection The first chapterPollution of 2 oxidation sulfur controls Chinese coal fired the strategy and policy 2 oxidation sulfur pollutes coal fired of the first China feature, what China already became 2 oxidation sulfur is the biggest discharge a country 2, 2 oxidation sulfur source of Chinese distributing have apparent district sex 3, house of chroma of sulfur of the 2 oxidation in urban air environment is tall not, optimize quality of the sources of energy, raise the sources of energy to use efficiency 4, the 2 oxidation sulfur that administers igneous power plant mainly is polluted 5, research develops 2 oxidation sulfur to administer technology and equipment 6, executive blowdown system of licensing, undertake blowdown trades pilot sulfur of the 4th 2 oxidation discharges standard and contaminative source to monitor, the 2 oxidation sulfur of on the world a few countries discharges a standard 2, 2 oxidation sulfur discharges Chinese industry sex standard 3, China " air pollution source discharges a standard integratedly " 4, 2 oxidation sulfurThe 2nd chapterTechnology of coal washing to decoke The configuration of the sulfur content in the first coal and determine one, the character of coal 2, the ode of the sulfur in coal puts form 3, of Chinese coal sulfur content distributing 4, of the sulfur in coal determine method the to decoke of the 2nd coal is optional model, sulfur iron oreThe 3rd chapterTechnology of sulfur of solid of industry coal combustion The first overview one, model coal industry and technical development general situation 2, our country of prevention and cure is fuliginous model a of air pollution important way 3, existent problem discusses sort of the 2nd section coal and composition, model coal and its are classified 2, model coal composition and function ask