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Patent of to decoke of flue gas of agglomeration of law of ammonia of company of
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Recently, " Chinese metallurgy signs up for " one edition, " daily of the Yangtse River " Inc. of technology of project of environmental protection of city of south of the smelt metal in was being published in succession (abbreviation " company of city environmental protection " ) the article that patent achievement uses in Liu Gang, effect of loop of the environmental protection that this firm patent gain produces in project application, resource, wide attention is caused inside society and industry.
In technological process of production of iron and steel industry, the contaminative source that generates SO2 basically is agglomeration working procedure, the SO2 that its discharge (fall in the SO2 case that does not include power plant of provide for oneself to discharge) the 90 % that occupy gross about. It is before this, the Jiao Lu that cooking factory produces is gas medium ammonia needs emergence, use commonly vitriolic the craft circuitry that sucks midwifery to produce vitriolic ammonia, such, purchase vitriolic charge every year to be as high as several ten million yuan. Company of city environmental protection and factory of willow steel cooking are compared through making an on-the-spot investigation for long, use the idea of circular economy, the useless ammonia of the generation in putting forward to use process of cooking coking plant will undertake to decoke of agglomeration flue gas, achieve " make in order to abandon useless " new thinking.
2005, company of city environmental protection and willow steel cooperate, joint development studies " technology of to decoke of law of ammonia of agglomeration flue gas " , apply Yu Liugang the project of flue gas to decoke of machine of 2 agglomeration between 2 fork truck. Tolerance of smoke of machine of 2 agglomeration between 2 fork truck is Liu Gang stere of 650 thousand mark / hour, use " tower of two machine syncretic " desulphurization plan. This technology is used Liu Gang and in smelt metal south accuses Inc. of technology of project of Wuhan city environmental protection develops independently " ammonia - craft of to decoke of sulfur ammonium deepness " (the invention is patent) and " double loop tower of to decoke of 3 paragraphs of type " (the invention is patent) , form a complete set " new-style vacuum evaporates crystallization " system, be in efficient the SO2 in purify agglomeration flue gas while, reclaim the ammonium sulphate chemical fertilizer with sulfur resource high quality production, make this project has agglomeration flue gas to purify thereby " pollute 2 times 0 discharge " and " 0 moving cost " characteristic.
From this year in June since put into production, uninterrupted stability runs the system, obtained favorable environmental protection result. Classics test, system not only desulphurization efficiency achieves 95 % above, have at the same time remove dust certainly efficiency (40 % above) with the efficiency that take off saltpetre (30 % above) ; Desulphurization by-product -- each index of ammonium sulphate all is achieved agricultural the quality standard of fertilizer company ammonium sulphate.
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