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Project of to decoke of flue gas of machine of first large agglomeration of our
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A few days ago, treasure steel academy completed the engineering design of technology of core of project of to decoke of agglomeration flue gas. This technology will apply at treasure steel branch, stainless steel branch, Mei Gang, the mark is worn this has Bao Gang the achievement of science and technology of own intellectual property changed application to stride a key to the project one pace, project of to decoke of flue gas of machine of first large agglomeration of our country will be born in Bao Gang.

2 oxidation sulfur is the contaminant with steely common business, the 2 oxidation sulfur that discharges in agglomeration process occupies the 60% above of total discharge capacity about. Because home still does not have technology of to decoke of special agglomeration flue gas, because project of to decoke of this agglomeration flue gas is labelled,our country develops the task of key research and development in the guideline to science and technology of steely 2020 industry.

Regard domestic iron and steel as the leading sheep of course of study, bao Gang is assumed actively energy-saving the social liability that reduces a platoon, regard one of main measures that boost clean production as technical innovation. Last year in May, research and development of success of treasure steel academy gives the set technology such as craft of to decoke of flue gas of agglomeration of one a complete set of and crucial equipment, was in in October last year stainless steel branch built industrial test facilities by 3 agglomeration machine. Later, the researcher began research of full scale test, experimental result got the expert is approbated consistently.

Apply at branch of Mei Gang, stainless steel to ensure technique of to decoke of agglomeration flue gas is successful He Baogang branch, the academy differs according to each project demand, the series industry that relies on industrial test facilities to begin individuation experiments, optimize technology program and structural design parameter further, develop technology of to decoke of flue gas of new generation agglomeration and equipment actively. In the meantime, serious work out forms file of technology of a complete set of of craft of to decoke of flue gas of machine of the agglomeration below character of different flue gas and different processing dimensions, equipment; The configuration plan that studies the system controls politic, control to monitor a system appearance, automatically carefully; The material that is not mark equipment to main body, treatment and installation quality are made ordered detailed technique to ask, do one's best offers full-scale technology to prop up for the construction of 3 big projects.

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