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A surname young nation develops innovation appoint inspector of annulus endowment department

" national economy and social progress eleventh compendium of 5 years of programs " put forward, "915 " 2 oxidation sulfur discharges period gross is compared " 15 " end should decrease 10% , this is the tie sex target that must achieve. The 2 oxidation sulfur that power industry discharges occupies 2 oxidation sulfur of countrywide to discharge the 50 % of gross about, it is the main trade that arranges 2 oxidation sulfur. Power industry realizes 2 oxidation sulfur to reduce a goal, development of industrialization of flue gas to decoke is main base.

One, the problem of the result that development of industrialization of to decoke of our country flue gas obtains and existence

In recent years, industrialization of to decoke of our country flue gas obtained significant progress. End by 2005, the capacity of unit of flue gas to decoke that builds go into operation rises to 53 million kilowatt by the 5 million kilowatt by 2000, take igneous report about the 14 % of installed capacity, among them 100 thousand kilowatt and above aircrew have 44 million kilowatt, the capacity of unit of flue gas to decoke that building exceeds 100 million kilowatt. Overall look, industry of to decoke of our country flue gas got developing more quickly, already had the desulphurization engineering design that assumes machine of nearly one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two made of baked clay outfit every year, equipment to make reach always contract ability. State of affairs of development of estate of to decoke of our country flue gas can generalize for the following respects:

It is to get used to group of electric machinery of our country fire the technology of flue gas to decoke of different situation gets full-scale development. Current, already had limestone - gesso law of to decoke of fluid-bed of wet, flue gas loop, seawater, to decoke removes dust unifinication, half dry method, rotate sparge is dry flue gas of rear of calcium of the gush inside law, furnace adds wet activation law of law, active anxious adsorption, electron beam law more than 10 kinds. Look from present circumstance, limestone - gesso is wet engineering technology of flue gas to decoke remains mainstream engineering technology. According to statistic, join movement, in the engineering technology of to decoke of flue gas of igneous power plant that build and has signed a contract, limestone - gesso is wet the technology occupies 90 % above.

2 it is desulphurization equipment homebred change rate already amounted to 90% above. Limestone - gesso is wet the crucial equipment in craft of flue gas to decoke, if size circulates,fan of spin-drier of leather belt of pump, vacuum, pressure boost, gas enrages fender of heat exchanger, flue gas to wait, home already had research and development and manufacturing process capability. The pump of loop of size of series to decoke that like Shijiazhuang pump line of business limited company produces already applied at project of 96 to decoke; The fan of desulphurization pressure boost that Chengdu power machinery plant produces already applied at project of 100 to decoke; The air air heat exchanger that Shanghai boiler factory produces already applied at project of 60 to decoke. Purchase charge to look from equipment, limestone - gesso is wet equipment of desulphurization engineering technology, material is homebred change rate achieve 90 % left and right sides, project of to decoke of partial flue gas is homebred change rate exceeded 95% . The equipment of other engineering technology is homebred change rate be more than 90 % .
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