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Build turn and development by to decoke of flue gas of power plant of our countr
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Casting of brilliant outstanding achievement with respect to historical turn

2007, 2 oxidation sulfur discharge capacity of our country were achieved 2006 after the history is highest, will begin year after year to drop, a mark that makes 2 oxidation sulfur discharge control history to go up year. According to the data that the country publishs, 7 years first half of the year, 2 oxidation sulfur of countrywide discharge gross 1263. 40 thousand tons, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year drop 0. 88 % ; 18 grow in igneous electricity electricenergy production. Below the circumstance of 3 % , electric power discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur dropped compared to the same period 5. 2 % . And the rapid development that crosses industrialization of to decoke of power plant flue gas is electric power the crucial factor that level of control of 2 oxidation sulfur raises. The installed capacity of to decoke of electric power flue gas made an appointment with 5 million kilowatt when the bottom 2000, the bottom made an appointment with 50 million kilowatt 2005, make an appointment with by 2006 1. 600 million kilowatt, achieve about 200 million kilowatt first half of the year to this year; The scale that aircrew of flue gas to decoke takes form of coal electric machinery rises by the about 2 % by 2000 for current about 40 % , already the desulphurization scale of 30 % of prep above United States, created the world miracle of rate of plant of to decoke of furnish flue gas. Since 2006, the whole nation casts group of carry coal electric machinery newly to synchronism is installed and run desulphurization establishment (do not include to decoke of circular fluid-bed boiler) installed capacity scale achieves 80 % above, the old unit before 2005 is asking to add unit of outfit to decoke stage by stage by code and government. Predict 2010, the scale of flue gas to decoke will achieve 60 % above, 2 oxidation sulfur arranges electric power gross drops than 2005 35 % above.

Review historical experience to be able to be encircled can nod

Go up century 70 time metaphase, industry of our country power began a power plant to dominate the experimental research that 2 oxidation sulfur discharges, experienced own innovation technology ever since experiment phase, with abroad cooperative technology experiment sets an example pilot phase and introduce a technology to absorb innovation phase to wait. Try hard to explore through more than 30 years, the industrialization of flue gas to decoke that we search to introduce a technology to innovation is given priority to and innovate to be united in wedlock independently again with high starting point develops way. Command in environmental protection code and administration to igneous power plant 2 oxidation sulfur discharges control to ask ceaseless pressurization falls, below the guiding that develops policy in national industrialization, below the propulsion of market economy mechanism, from 2001 begin a few years short, company of to decoke of professional flue gas goes to many 200 by a few increase sharply, have actual strength of certain technology, capital, personnel among them, and the project of flue gas to decoke that owns 100 thousand kilowatt and above unit always contracts the company of outstanding achievement is close 50. The occurrence of company of numerous to decoke, the formation of desulphurization industry catenary was promoted while demand of market of to decoke of the power plant that it is fire provided safeguard. Desulphurization industrialization evolution appears the following characteristic: It is undertake digestive absorption innovating again on own research and development and the foundation that introducing a technology. Our country already had to decoke of flue gas of large ammunition power plant the technology of own intellectual property, match a desulphurization project to commercialize through aircrew of above of 300 thousand kilowatt move examine; 2 it is desulphurization equipment homebred change a level to rise greatly. Purchase charge to look from equipment, of desulphurization equipment, material homebred change rate is OK already achieve 90 % above, partial project achieves 95 % above; 3 it is desulphurization facilities cost reachs moving cost to be reduced substantially, the value of to decoke of unit kilowatt flue gas that builds unit of 300 thousand kilowatt looks from the point of view that ensures quality can fall average left and right sides of 200 yuan of RMBs.
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