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Pan Yue Zhuanwen: Leave " storm " construction system
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The problem of water, already did not have room for manoeuvre 

22 years ago, spring 1985, I am 25 years old, go for the first time pool of another name for Yunnan Province, regard an environment as the reporter, want to write a report that administers about water. Although the pool of another name for Yunnan Province at that time has some of pollution, but water quality returns justifiable basically.

After 22 years, spring 2007, I am in " Beijing youth signs up for " the picture that pool of another name for Yunnan Province sees on front page, the smelly water like green paint is eroding lake bank. That port is the place that I have been to in those days.

In 22 years, structure of economic actual strength of China, society and even mental value produced major transition. "Modern " the dream that is a Chinese 160 years. The GDP gross now, foreign exchange reserve, FDI is proving China it seems that the implementation of this one dream. But 3 farming problem, complex with each passing day society contradiction, grim environmental resource current situation (this is pleasant to the eye in traditional GDP statistic be less than) , can make us vigilant, modern dream still comes true not completely.

Today summer is successive fulminant water pollution crisis makes a person pay close attention to most. Because be compared with photograph of air, forest, prairie, "Water " although be industrialized lifeblood, but it is the lifeline that the mankind lives to cannot leave instantly more. Since Songhua River incident case, average two days produce water pollution accident one case. In the event of environmental group sex that produces in recent years, 50 % above rises because of water. Be in " water " on the problem, grow the contradictory fight hand-in-hand with the environment, without any room for manoeuvre.

Great river great river has special sense most to civilization ancient country. The Chinese nation especially such. Big the daily life of a family is told " the Five Mountains " , but may not knows " 4 show disrespect or contempt " . First ancient codes and records of the Qin Dynasty is early label water of river of the Yangtse River, Yellow River, the Huaihe River, aid " 4 show disrespect or contempt " , that is to be born the maternal river of China civilization. Become a whole world to be the same as a root exclusively with national form for China civilization when us akin Tong Wencun stays and proud when, did not forget to ask certainly why. There is deep zoology wisdom inside this. Nowadays, river of these 4 mothers is almost all affluent or is necrotic, or dries up; 9 big lakes, 7 water quality already was 5 kinds the following; Return the groundwater big funnel that lower part of North China Plain exceeds kilometer of 100 thousand square invisibly. Come thousands of years, mechanism of prevent floods by water control is portraying the administrative pattern of big China; Gain and loss of prevent floods by water control is examining the efficiency of this one mode.
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