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China answers plan of climate change state
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Climate change is the major global problem that international society cares generally. Problem of environment of climate change since, also be development problem, but in the final analysis is development problem. " convention of frame of U.N. climate change " (the following abbreviation " climate convention " ) point out, mix on the history the majorrest source that at present global greenhouse gas discharges from the developed country, the average per capita of the developing country is discharged still relatively inferior, the share that in the whole world the place in discharging holds will add the developing country, in order to satisfy its economy and social progress need. " climate convention " put forward clearly, each conclude a treaty just should be on fair foundation, according to them collective but distinguishing responsibility and respective ability, protect climate system with unborn interest now for the mankind, the developed country concludes a treaty just should take the lead in taking action should reach its to climate change adverse effect. " climate convention " also ask at the same time all concluding a treaty just make, carry out, announce and often replace the national plan that answers climate change.
China serves as a developing country that bear the blame, to climate metabolic problem gave height to take seriously, established countermeasure of national climate change to coordinate an orgnaization, can expand strategic demand continuously according to the country, adopted a series of with answer the policy related climate change and measure, made positive contribution to decrease alleviation to get used to climate to change. As fulfill " climate convention " a main obligation, chinese government is made especially " China answers plan of climate change state " , this plan made clear measure of domain of the specific target that to 2010 China answers climate to change, basic principle, key and its policy. China will expand the demand of view according to science, fulfil seriously " national plan " in each job that offer, build resource hard managing model, the environment is friendly model society, increase slow down and the capacity that get used to climate change, continue to make contribution to protect global climate.
" climate convention " the 4th the 7th section provision: "The developing country concludes a treaty just can be in how old on degree fulfil the commitment that its issue in this convention effectively, will depend on the developed country concludes a treaty what make over acceptance what just issue place to assume in this convention to its about capital and technology is effective fulfill, and will mature reach to economy and social progress eliminating poverty is a developing country conclude a treaty square principal and crushing all first item " . While China wishs to expanding economy, with international society and the collaboration that begin significant deal with concrete matters relating to work actively about the country, implement this plan hard.
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