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National acid rain and pollution of 2 oxidation sulfur prevent and cure " 915 "
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Government of people of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, each concern a section:

" national acid rain and prevention and cure of pollution of 2 oxidation sulfur " 915 " program " (the following abbreviation " program " ) already the State Council agrees, show print and distribute to give you, ask serious organization to carry out, ensure implementation " program " target.

One, the various places, overall deploy that each want to combine the current and energy-saving job that decrease a platoon cheek by jowl about the branch, carry out 2 oxidation sulfur strictly to discharge gross to dominate a plan, control nitrogen oxide discharges the trend of growth, ensure to 2010 2 oxidation sulfur of countrywide discharge gross to decrease than 2005 10% , control acid rain pollution effectively, reduce urban air chroma of 2 oxidation sulfur.

2, " plan " be " 915 " during the important basis of countrywide acid rain and job of prevention and cure of pollution of 2 oxidation sulfur. Various places, each want a foundation about the branch " program " requirement, make the specific executive plan of door of our region, cadre as soon as possible, the annual plan that major project project brings into place, branch, serious organization is carried out.

3, acid rain and responsibility of job of prevention and cure of pollution of 2 oxidation sulfur basically are in a place various people government. Government of concerned place people wants to will pollute target of job of prevention and cure to bring into system of job responsibility of target of province, city, head of a county. Branch of various environmental protection should carry out supervisory management to blowdown unit lawfully, make sure 2 oxidation sulfur pollutes processing project on time put into production, move.

4, each district wants strict control to build a project 2 oxidation sulfur discharges increment, to doing not have gross index or the construction project that violate national industry policy to must not be examined and approve, aggrandizement " 3 at the same time " management, gravity investigates pollution to administer establishment cannot synchronism joins movement violate compasses construction project. Continue to carry out have source of 2 oxidation sulfur to pollute processing project, the 2 oxidation sulfur that strengthens the key industry such as pair of fire report, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry discharges control. Increase strength of industrial structural adjustment, lag behind strictly about falling into disuse according to the country produce can policy requirement, optimize industrial structure.

We have the case that implements a program to each district regularly supervisory checking, carry out the plan lag, area that fails to finish gross of 2 oxidation sulfur to control the job to undertake a bulletin to the program, investigate relevant personnel duty.
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