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[Move] China is made most work energetically device of law to decoke
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News of Chinese oil network: Be located in in Xinjiang tower of oily area of wooden riverside a thousand li in branch of petrifaction northwest oil field 2 plants part is defeated by oil extraction of tower river oil field device of to decoke of dry method of station of center of 2 groups 8-3 (processing system of natural gas to decoke) , tower of every 3 cent is a group to distinguish 6 cent tower the group that it is T1 and T2 group move alternately, by our country proper motion the design is made, it is home most work energetically unit of technology of law to decoke.

Since building go into operation formally in April 2005, this station holds to " to be with the person from beginning to end this, production and environmental protection pay equal attention to the principle of " , build HSE system, carry out environmental protection to contract system of job responsibility, strengthen the spot to standardize construction. Up to by Feburary 2008, this system realizes safety to move smoothly 1090 days, accumulative total processing contains sulfur natural gas high nearly 100 million stere, made sure the Mu He in the tower sheds oil of region a thousand li at the same time Ou Bishui blue sky.

Safety of processing system of to decoke of natural gas of 8-3 center station moves smoothly.

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