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[Win the bid] and Guangdong Shao Guanping stone wins the bid when benefit projec
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Editor's note: It is core with automation business with business of the company when benefit, system of drive of signal of railroad of sortie electron government affairs, digitlization and information system, electric machinery and transmission automation control, n is collected automatically and transmit administrative system and electronic product to produce treatment to wait. A few days ago, guangdong beautiful wins the bid to close level ground stone when Hangzhou and benefit project of DCS of aircrew of fluid-bed of loop of 2 × 300MW.

A few days ago, win the bid with the company when benefit limited company of power plant of Guangdong Shao Guanping stone project of DCS of aircrew of fluid-bed of loop of 2 × 300MW, this project carries out management to always be wrapped by company of northwest power engineering, the 1025t/h loop fluid-bed that uses Oriental boiler limited company boiler, inside dependency boiler of the most large-scale fluid-bed.

In last few years, as a result of 300MW circular fluid-bed boiler has efficiency of wide to fuel adaptability, combustion tall, environment pollutes adjusting range of small, bear big, grey broken bits is used integratedly wait for high-powered characteristic, have advantage of as low as what take appearance of unit of boiler of the flue gas to decoke, coal fines that take off saltpetre to compare cost, boiler of fluid-bed of loop of large power station got rapid development in China. Boiler of 300MW loop fluid-bed uses case in home not much, the investment that is in France, United States as boiler of 300MW class CFB moves and of China introduce, development, 300MW fluid-bed generates electricity the applied outstanding achievement of the project, having very important sense to manufacturer of domestic and international DCS.

And be in when benefit power industry

Since entering power industry 1995, wait for the product application in power industry with the DCS when benefit, PLC, SIS, already covered each segment that produces flow to igneous power plant, wait to manufacturing management system from DAS, MCS, CCS, SCS, FSSS, ECS, ETS, DEH, BPS, AGC, MEH, programmed control transporting coal, include 6MW the unit capacity limits to 600MW. End 2006, the company signs project of 1000 many power in all, the unit unit that builds 300MW and 600MW among them controls a project to already signed a few.

Be based on the following product with solution of industry of the power when benefit:

System of distributed control of HOLLiAS MACS-S, MACS-F
Number of HOLLiAS DEH turbine is electro-hydraulic regulating system
HOLLiAS LK series is large PLC
Class of factory of HiSIS power plant supervisory system

In old project practice, with the according to generation set object character when benefit, complete the total cooperative control of furnace, machine, report is politic, established the control program of different type aircrew. HOLLiAS system can complete the control project of the generation set such as common unit unit, heat addition aircrew not only, and can finish inferior critical, exceed group of critical, large scale computer to control a project.
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