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[Start working] saddle hill 3 report go into operation of engineering of to deco
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On April 11 afternoon 3 when, hill of saddle of big Tang Ma the 3rd power plant prepares to construct manage first phase project excavate of foundation of building of dehydrate of gesso of project of to decoke of flue gas of form a complete set of set of two 660 thousand kilowatt, indicate earth builds a project of to decoke of flue gas of this project form a complete set to begin construction formally build.

Project of flue gas to decoke plans investment 100 million multivariate, the limestone that uses home extensive -- gesso is wet desulphurization craft and one furnace device of one tower to decoke, desulphurization efficiency amounts to 95 % above, can reduce 2 oxidation sulfur every year to discharge many tons 20 thousand, have fall significantly bad news reduces an effect, accord with capital construction project completely " synchronous design, synchronous construction, synchronism joins movement " " 3 at the same time " requirement, have main effect to reducing economy of air pollution, stimulative place and society to be able to develop continuously.

Design according to be in charge of desulphurization project, debug and chief of department of rare company project introduces the Beijing rich that partial earth builds construction, the desulphurization project of first phase project is desulphurization project time of the time limit for a project on construction history the desulphurization project with the shortest, least investment, normaller time limit for a project reduced planned project duration 1/3, construction unit will achieve established node goal hammer and tongs.

Predict, project of flue gas to decoke will November finishing, with an aircrew synchronism investment moves.

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