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[Invite public bidding] first phase of the power plant in peacefuling to decoke
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Number of invite public bidding: WEME-0804-GHSZ (Ⅱ ) - 145/46
Encode of invite public bidding: CBL_20080620_2530098
Time of open sealed tenders: 2008-07-11
What belong to an industry: Energy chemical industry
Mark dispatch category: Domestic invite public bidding
Financing source: Other
Invest amount: 9 billion yuan
What belong to an area: Liaoning
Detailed content:
Suffer entrust, with respect to desulphurization anticorrosive liner undertakes home makes public invite public bidding, the welcome has intention and acceptable bidder attends bid.
1, person of invite public bidding: Management board of northeast cable industry company of the first engineering
2, content of invite public bidding:
(1) project name: The power plant in peacefuling 2 period extend project group of igneous electric machinery of 2 × 1000MW (aircrew of #3, #4) , to decoke of 2 × 800MW transforms first phase project (aircrew of #1, #2) .
(2) financing source: Chinese god China Inc. of the sources of energy invests jointly with the other of this project square collective and contributive, 20% what capital gold occupies a project to always invest, the others capital is solved by bank loan.
(3) build a place: The power plant in peacefuling is located in Bohai Sea distant east province of bay north bank, Liaoning and Heibei province boundary, the distant westing corridor to the south of hill custom is carried on the west, liaoning of endmost of railroad of hill of big the Qin Dynasty, Beijing the Qin Dynasty, Beijing saves churchyard of the county in peacefuling. To big Qin Xian station of terminus willow village makes an appointment with 40km, to 23km of hill customs station. There is Shen Shan near the site of factory highway is perforative, dock of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is apart from plant area maritime space 33 sea mile.
(4) means of invite public bidding: Home makes public invite public bidding
(5) limits of invite public bidding and relevant requirement
Book of mark of time of delivery of name of serial number equipment is expended (yuan) outstanding achievement requirement

1 absorb tower and glue of box canister line anticorrosive 1500
Colophony of scale of 2 flue glass is anticorrosive 1500

(6) delivery place:
Marine (contain big) : Power plant dock (deck)
Iron carries (contain urgent document) : Industrial siding of the railroad inside the power plant in peacefuling appoints a place (car face)
Steam carries (contain urgent document) : Project spot appoints a place (car face)
Airborne (contain urgent document) : Tianjin airport (the airport designates landing area)
3, bidder should have the capacity that fulfils a contract in the round, satisfy relevant requirement:
1) bidder should be basis People's Republic of China " company method " the legal entity that hold water.
2) bidder is in the respect such as experience of organization of facilities of professional technology, facilities, personnel, outstanding achievement has a design, make, the corresponding qualification of quality control, management and ability.
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