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[Finishing] saline city generates electricity power supply transforms desulphuri
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Husband of uncut jade of Shao Rurong Liu reports this net dispatch reporter on June 24, saline city generates electricity limited company last a period of time of two months 8 period effort of desulphurization milling part is transmitted transform a project all and finishing, part of its main body already joined movement a month, gain apparent safe benefit, reduced overhaul workload greatly, return those who decreased to maintain data to use up.
Investment ran this company 2007 8 period the transmission form of desulphurization milling part, it is to use machine of moire leather belt to be main facility so, sheet covers cost 240 thousand yuan of RMBs, the price does not poor. And happen again and again in be used actually jam breakdown, what endanger system of whole to decoke directly is normal move, move to jam to keep clear of with overhaul personnel, throw a large number of manpower, but this kind clears the job can rely on the most primitive method only, efficiency is low, labor strength is great. Course of personnel of technology of project of ministry of this company fuel makes an on-the-spot investigation, the data collects an analysis, draw lessons from pneumatic to give grey experience, put forward to apply compress air effort to transmit those who will transform original milling system to transmit means, comb-out moves in insecure element. The project gets the company is approved, the task gives fuel ministry bridge as string of 1 the class is carried out.
From May begin first, this keep carrying to implement desulphurization system, the data that they use need first, equipment carries the spot, personnel of travel allowing use makes powdery warehouse full hind, fulfil section school assignment, make sure a section is demolished with installation working synchronism undertakes, with the form of war of annihilation rapid on tactics assault is finished. Next the measure with similar reoccupy undertakes next section works, made sure during whole operation system of implementation to decoke keeps thereby. After main body part transforms an end, they work the rest break up the whole into parts, one by one is finished, end on June 23, show an all useless old stuff to clear end, transform working complete.
Whole transform working last a period of time two months, devoted manpower 200 multitask day, whole material charge is not worth 30 thousand yuan. After transforming, jam the phenomenon drops greatly, increased to run security; Reduced the machine of moire leather belt in primary facility to wait for easy loss equipment, reduced uphold charge daily, achieve expectant goal.

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