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[Invite public bidding] to decoke of flue gas of boiler of head office of Zhengz
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One, name of person of invite public bidding: Zhengzhou city heating power head office

2, orgnaization of representative of invite public bidding: Henan is realistic project cost advisory limited company

3, main content: Branch of jujube village heat addition 6 boiler, branch of 2 driveways heat addition 4 boiler, to decoke of boiler flue gas is administered, , efficiency of the to decoke after the project is finished should be more than sulfur of 80% 2 oxidation, soot to discharge chroma to reach national level, and existing to boiler room technological process, rouse especially bring fan system to reach remove dust all of circular water system has no big impact. The project includes the content such as equipment of installation of engineering design, construction, equipment, to decoke. (specific data is with file of invite public bidding definitely)

4, bidder qualification requirement:

A, potential bidder must be independent legal person organization;

B, enterprise registers fund 5 million yuan of above;

C, have major of environmental protection project to contract 3 class and above or environmental project (liquid waste, waste gas) second class and above aptitude.

5, notice signing up:

Bid the unit must carry licence of letter of carbon of original of legal person a power of attorney, business charter, intelligence, safe production and depositary id card; Above certificate asks to show original, leave Xerox (Xerox is bound into book build official seal) .

6, time signing up: Came on July 7, 2008 on July 10 (office hours 9: 00 - 12: 00; 15: 00 - 18: 00, holiday except)

7, address signing up: Henan is realistic classics of city of Zhengzhou of project cost advisory limited company 8 17 (via 8 abb horn of 3 alternate mouth northwest " malic commune " 3 buildings)

8, contact: Guo Baorui Liu Jia

9, phone: 0371-63225115

10, fax: 0371-63225102

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