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PVC is efficient change qualitative agent
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Information category:   Supply Issue date:   2008-10-15
Period of efficacy:   Long-term and effective
Balata is sealed board anxious make city rise amount to contact company of rubber-plastic and finite liability Mr Zhao: 13782655556 our company basically produce: Balata is sealed board, shower nozzle, material speech, bend, all sorts of is able to bear or endure high pressure (60-150mp2) , high temperature resistant (300 ℃ ) oil resistant, acid-proof alkaline, be able to bear or endure ageing, be able to bear or endure ozone, electric conduction and the weather strip of of all kinds balata that report is isolated from and goods. Phone: 0391-7435888 main product has: Peng Xing, bud, V, hill, weather strip of U cloth waiting for clip; O, Y, the pure glue weather strip such as rectangular, Ding Xing; Stick and the metallic balata such as bedspring of impeller of weather strip, oil seal, balata, compound balata, balata diaphragm of diaphragmatic, balata; Weather strip of silicon balata, fluorine balata and its glue board; Be able to bear or endure SF6 transformer is oily be defeated high change weather strip of electric equipment balata; Spin pricks roller belt to reach with air current spinning machine all sorts of plastic, the plastic pipe material and balata wind canister product that can ask according to the client the design gives all sorts of performance. The production that the product turns with its solid and beautiful exterior, deft structure, reasonable price, dimensions, shorter production is periodic, held very big market. The amount is large from actor. . Our company are held to " the client is consummate, acute meaning enterprising " management concept, hold to " client the first " the principle is supplied for broad manufacturer, offer high grade product to welcome broad client to patronize for the client! PVC is efficient change qualitative agent one, chemical composition: Compound model change qualitative agent 2, the exterior: Shape of white solid diamonds 3, technical index: Melting point: > 45 ℃ iodine number: <2 decomposes temperature: > 280 ℃ volatilize cent: <2% 4, the technology is characteristic the PVC of our research and development is efficient change qualitative agent to be opposite inorganic filling (grey stone of calcium carbonate, vitriolic barium, French chalk, hydroted alumina, white carbon black, silicon, argil) the surface has outstanding chemical modified effect, make the consistence of the inorganic filling after modified and high polymer material rises greatly, promoted the dispersive sex of inorganic filling, what raised products of high polymer data then is immanent reach exterior mass, hold inside and outside concurrently to lubricate reach the function that add model, and can raise calcium carbonate 20~30 add a capacity.
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