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Radiator circles a type radiator make friends piece type radiator steel aluminiu
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Information category:   Supply Issue date:   2008-10-15
Period of efficacy:   Long-term and effective
We circle a type radiator for radiator make friends piece type radiator steel aluminium is compound radiator piece plant of fan of changes in temperature of inn Xin source is main product: 1, the series axis such as T30, T35, T40, GD40 sheds fan. 2, the series such as 4-72, 4-73, 9-19, 9-26 is centrifugal fan. 3, the series such as 5-27, 5-32, 6-27, DF is plastic and mechanical fan. 4, the series housetop fan such as WT4-85, WS4-85, WT35. 5, Q, GS, warm fan of report of DNF of NC warm fan, SRZ, GL make friends piece type, confuse a form all sorts of model radiator and above series explosion proof are anticorrosive fan. Piece the SRZ that factory of fan of changes in temperature of inn Xin source produces be a kind already applicable steam system is applied to again serve as in warm water system heat the air heater that air uses, the air that basically is used at regulating system of sirocco heating, air and dry device heats, it is the main facility in sirocco device, it is in current industrial and mining enterprises, the heating of content of each large metal arrowhead gets applied widely in ventilated system. SRL radiator, be mix with vapour 130, 70 ℃ hot water is medium, apply extensively at industrial structure, the heating in civil building, local heating and hot elegant demeanour are warm, heat as air in air conditioning system with, obtain favorable result.
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