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Drawbench of fibre glass of Bo fine drawbench equipment of fibre glass of Bo fin
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Information category:   Supply Issue date:   2008-10-15
Period of efficacy:   Long-term and effective
Limited company of happy science and technology of aid peaceful Wei (plant of facility of fibre glass of aid Ning Weile) basically supply fibre glass equipment, fibre glass drawbench, bo fine equipment, equipment of fibre glass of whole set of Bo fine drawbench, equipment of fine of whole set Bo, fibre glass, bo fine, platinic gold leaks board fibre glass equipment, platinic gold leaks equipment of board Bo fine, fibre glass produces craft and technology to groom, size, solid lubricious agent, drawbench, plant of fibre glass facility, plant of Bo fine facility, fibre glass chemical industry, fibre glass crucible, fibre glass is lukewarm control apparatus, fibre glass is oiled implement, fibre glass twines gauze, gauze of fibre glass spin, twine gauze, pull crowded gauze, fibre glass manufactures a technology, machine of form a partnership, fly frame. Company with " credit the first, quality excellent, technology advanced, service is high-class, the client is consummate, sound plan, excellent service, perfect manufacturing technology " for the tenet, bring benefit to be pursuit to the user; Let an user realize a dream to be a purpose. Fine of Wei happy Bo lets set sail successfully from here, we come to a company to visit guidance before the genuine travelling merchant that welcomes countrywide each district. Understand more information to land company website please: Www.zgbxsb.com
Contact:   Liwenman Connect a telephone call:   86-0537-2168813
Fax:   86-0537-2168813
Contact an address:   Road of brake of peaceful of Ningwu of Shandong province aid 86
Postcode:   272100 Email:   Bxqicai@163.com
Network address:   Http://www.zgbxsb.com

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