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Refuelling truck pump. Aspersion pump centrifugal pump is anti-corrosive pump 05
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Information category:   Supply Issue date:   2008-10-15
Period of efficacy:   Long-term and effective
We supply refuelling truck pump. Aspersion pump centrifugal pump is anti-corrosive line of business of Shan Moming pump of gain of gain of pump 0533-4518811 Zi limited company is national classics trade appoint manufacturing oil pump, aspersion pump, new-style mine uses sumbersible pump, go corrupt pump major is decided. Main product: Oil pump of circular arc gear, suck centrifugal oil pump, aspersion pump oneself already Jinan of form a complete set takes an examination of case Er, red flag to take an examination of the Beijing such as dawn of case Er, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, 4 smooth, red east, and other places of Guangzhou, Harbin, Shenyang, Changchun is large and medium-sized car, the product occupies domestic car to change one's costume or dress industry form a complete set uses pump 67% , change one's profession by countrywide steam course of study trusts. Company facilities is excellent, test method is all ready. Have national B class pumping station
Contact:   High mountain manager Connect a telephone call:   86-0533-4518811
Fax:   86-0533-4512127
Contact an address:   Shandong saves bank of lofty mountains of Zi gain gain
Postcode:   255200 Email:   Yueting.8888@163.com
Network address:   Http://www.zbwanming.com/

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