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Street lamp of solar energy of * of environmental protection of efficient * ener
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Information category:   Supply Issue date:   2008-10-15
Period of efficacy:   In half an year
We offer illumination of China general of city of Shenzhen of street lamp of solar energy of * of environmental protection of efficient * energy-saving * is to pursue the omnibus company of research and development of outdoors illumination luminaries, production, sale and construction of gaffer Cheng design technically. The company perfect union with illume and environment, illume and art, illume and science and technology, with when all is entered, the main force that development innovation work up makes a trade. We supply street lamp of solar energy of * of street lamp of solar energy of * of environmental protection of energy-saving * of ** efficient * to use efficient single crystal (much brilliant) power supply of silicon solar battery, use maintenance-free sealed model electric energy of accumulator keep in storage, efficient green is special illume of lamps and lanterns, use fill discharge and illume control electric equipment advancedly, have property efficiency of reliable, glow tall, brightness big, installation is convenient, need not laid cable electrical wiring, need not communicate electric energy and charge of electricity, use dc power supply, photosensitive control, on the safe side, energy-saving, economy, environmental protection, practical, life is long (solar battery board usable 15 - 20 years, accumulator is usable 5 - 7 years) , it is future one of direction of outdoors illuminative development and illumination luminaries new show. Illuminant: LED lamp or energy-saving lamp, low-pressure natrium lamp
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