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Efficient and active Bai Tu
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Information category:   Supply Issue date:   2008-10-15
Period of efficacy:   Long-term and effective
We offer efficient active rich of Zi of Bai Tu is rubber-plastic filling factory is be engaged in production technically managing efficient and active Bai Tu / grain Bai Tu / the high-tech that 6 nitrogen turn boron and its product civilian battalion enterprise, main product has 6 nitrogen to change boracic powder (BN) and its goods. Since my factory holds water, build and perfected rigid business management system, have perfect quality to detect with quality guarantee system. Main product has 6 nitrogen to change nitrogen of class of rice of boracic powder, active Bai Tu, accept to change boracic, grain 6 lubricious agent of Bai Tu, decolorant, oily pint, Bai Tu, nitrogen change boron, efficient active Bai Tu, efficient grain.
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Contact an address:   Shandong saves developing zone of the king austral Zi rich
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